Art Ball 2017

The inaugural Art Ball took place on Saturday night at the Art Gallery of Western Australia with guests living up to the exceptional dress standards that were set last year and have forever defined this event at Perth’s own answer to the Met Gala. Once again, Art Ball was supported by Vogue Australia and run by the legendary, Grant Capriotti of Muse Bureau and boy did they deliver!

My night began with a pre-event function hosted by the ever so fashionable AMP Capital Shopping Centres who were naming rights sponsors of the night. Guests who were lucky enough to be in attendance at the embargoed new Mello House space, a private members club soon to launch in Perth, enjoyed champagne, canapes and mingling amongst industry locals and special guests who were flown to Perth especially for the night. Phones and cameras were off limits at Mello House so I had an hour off the clock and had the honour of meeting Editor and TV personality Melissa Hoyer, model Rosie Tupper, fashion aficionado Brioney Prier and reunited with friends and colleagues fresh off the plane from Sydney, including Prada and Miu Miu’s Shay Thomas, model Amy Finlayson, designer Melanie Greensmith and AMP Capital’s Alicia Kemp and fashion consultant Antonia Leigh who has been like a fashion mentor to me since having the pleasure of meeting her through Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, last year.

Before long it was time to head off to the ball. 10 black cars were waiting for us and we were ushered into the Art Gallery and presented with a disco ball-esque sparkly wrist band which pretty much embodied what was in store for the rest of the night, DISCO balls a plenty. There were a few highlights of the night for me, one was watching a middle aged man in a traditional tuxedo dance up to the bar looking as happy as a human could possibly look. He told me he was from the country and his friends got him a ticket, he was truly delighted to be there and his vibe was just great. I ordered him a drink and we clinked our champagne glasses to toast a merry good night. Also awesome were the performances by the WA Symphony Orchestra Chorus, Ngaiire and people were absolutely sick for Client Liaison. The biggest highlight I would say was watching people get live tattoos which I was clearly so enthralled with, I forgot to take any photos of it and the disco ball room was rather spectacular and let off the most incredible shards of light, providing the best backdrop for my pics and for people to hang out amongst whilst sitting on puffy white air filled bag/ seats.

Check out some of the happs from the night below.

The image above features Art Ball advisory board member and Super Elixir founder, Andrea Horwood-Bux, Wheels and Dollbaby designer, Melanie Greensmith and Perth born model, Amy Finlayson, outside the Como Treasury before the pre-function.

Antonia Leigh, Brioney Prier, Alicia Kemp and Scott King

Rachael Shaw and friend

Brooke, Kath from Empire Rose and me because…why not

Zara Bryson

Naked live body painting anyone? Thanks for the cool backdrop ladies! <3 Pippa McManus

the Art Gallery of Western Australia atmosphere

Claire Ridley, Antonia Leigh, Melissa Hoyer and Alicia Kemp = powerful business women I adore!

Prada and Miu Miu’s Shay Thomas

Bronx Whitehorn


The Bachelor’s Megan Marx and friend

Samuel England and Pippa McManus

Claire Davies

Claire Ridley and Scott Nugent

Shay Thomas and Paul O’Connor

El Peteski and Jacinta McDonald

Amy Finlayson and Antonia Leigh

‘Til next time xxx SV xxx


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