Audi ART BALL: An Interview with Poppy Lissiman


The inaugural Audi ART BALL presented by the AGWA Foundation and VOGUE Australia will be held on location at the Art Gallery of Western Australia from 7:00pm on Saturday 14 May 2016.

In a first for WA, fashion bible VOGUE Australia is co-presenting this exclusive event with the AGWA Foundation and Audi.

SV caught up with one of the event’s advisory committee members, designer Poppy Lissiman to chat about beauty prep, OOTDs and the BTS of what is set to become Perth’s most exclusive and invigorating night of nights! I will also randomly be posting photos I’ve taken of her at events throughout the past few years because, farshun!

Style Voyeur: Hi Poppy, I think we met in 2008 and I have photographed you at almost every event we’ve been to since then, I can’t believe I’ve never interviewed you before!

The reason I know it was 2008 is because I’ll never forget, as a girl who has grown up obsessed with fashion, the first time I saw you, you were wearing the Luella Bartley gold bat cape I wanted so bad and I remember laying eyes on you and was so shocked to see that in Perth and in the flesh. Clearly you have always loved fashion too – do you remember what first drew you to it?

Poppy: Oh gosh, I loved that Luella bat cape! I actually pulled it out a few days ago to wear! Yep I have always loved fashion. I first became obsessed, and I really mean obsessed, when I was about 11 or 12. My mum worked in the industry so I used to often read her magazines. When I was 12 I made her subscribe to Collezioni which was this hellishly expensive Italian bible which used to publish all the images from the shows according to city/season so I could see all the collections in their entirety. (This is obviously before they were all instantly published on the internet.)

SV: Haha, I remember those, I could never afford them. So not too long after then you became a fashion designer, then had your own boutique, Poppy Lissiman Addition and now obviously there is the world famous clutch and accessory line you do, how has this journey shaped you?


Poppy: I guess the one thing I can think of is just that I have tried to be as adaptable as possible.

SV: So we’re here to talk about the upcoming Art Ball, what is your involvement?

Poppy: Myself, Harrison and my bestie, Elle Peter are all part of the Art Ball Committee which have been organising the event (alongside Muse Bureau’s, Grant Capriotti).


SV: I hear the Art Ball is Perth’s answer to the Met Gala – so what’s in store for the night?

Poppy: It’s basically going to be non-stop entertainment and an overload on the senses. We have performances by a really wide range of artists; from Sneaky Sound System, Kucka, opera singer Teddy Tahu Jones and DJ sets by Scarlett Stevens from San Sisco and my one and only (Harrison)! There is also dancers, roller skaters, live nude drawing, virtual reality experiences and an insane raffle at some point in the night – the prize is SO incredible!

SV: The Art Ball is taking place at the Art Gallery of Western Australia – besides the obvious factor of it being WA’s most cultural and creative location for this avant garde event, how did this event come about?

Poppy: It came from conversations about wanting to get a younger audience engaged in the space again. The Art Gallery of WA has so many incredible exhibitions but their younger demographic has been waning a bit so we have been tasked with getting them back into the gallery. So what better way than to do that than with a big party!


After the event we will be actively targeting everyone who comes to the Art Ball to start coming to the art exhibitions later on, so there is definitely an ulterior motive to just having a massive party. It’s all about the art at the end of the day.

SV: It is very exciting that Vogue is attached to the event – is that a first?

Poppy: Yes, I believe this is the first time they have been associated with anything in Perth, so it was a big coup.

SV: Do you have any tips on how to dress for the event?

Poppy: I have actually been posting weekly outfit inspiration albums to the Art Ball Facebook page HERE – so if you’re stuck for ideas, definitely jump on there to check them out. I think avant garde works best when there is an element of normality to the outfit with an unexpected twist; last week I did a bit of a homage to Isabella Blow – when you look at a lot of outfits – although she was always impeccably dressed, it was usually her headwear (almost always by Phillip Treacy) which was the shock factor.

I love the idea of wearing a plain black dress with a giant jewelled lobster on your head.


SV: What is the most incredible prized piece you have in your wardrobe? And where did you get it?

Poppy: Oh that is a tricky one. I just recently bought a very unique jacket in Tokyo from an incredible shop called Dog, Lady Gaga and Rihanna have been known to pilfer this shop for costumes for their shows, although that’s not why I went there. Most of the items in there are just simply works of art and one-offs and this jacket is no different. It weighs a tonne, cost a fortune and is utterly ridiculous looking but I love it.

I have so many favourite items and that jacket I mentioned is probably my most recent prized piece but I have one of the original Swarovski necklaces from Christopher Kane’s SS 2007 debut collection after he finished at St Martin’s. That collection still to this day is one of my all time favourite collections ever, so to own a runway piece is super special. It was a birthday present from a very good friend of mine who works in the industry. (that necklace is actually pictured above).


SV: I know it’s no doubt your best kept secret right now but can you reveal any details on what you will be wearing to the Art Ball?

Poppy: It’s no secret! I’m wearing custom One Fell Swoop – head to toe red silk.

SV: Amazing! We all know you have a very vivacious boyfriend, Harrison Kennedy who is also on the Art Ball committee as you mentioned, do you think coordinating your look with your partner is a must on the night?

Poppy: No, not at all! I actually have no idea what Harrison is wearing. Knowing him he will pull something together the morning of the event.

SV: How do you prep for an event like this? Any beauty secrets? Do you get your make-up done? Have a facial etc?

Poppy: I rarely get my make-up done but I couldn’t resist booking Hendra for this special night, plus I am planning on going a bit crazy with the make-up so I would rather have a professional lend their expertise for something like that so I don’t look like a halloween costume.


SV: As a member of the committee, what do you hope the event will achieve? Is it to raise funds for the gallery?

Poppy: Our main objective is to have this event open doors to a younger demographic of people to the Art Gallery. We want to remind the young people of Perth who are as passionate as us about the Gallery that there are a lot of exciting things coming up in the space.

SV: And finally, please finish these sentences….

My greatest fear is…losing a limb.

I love more than anything…animals.

My biggest fashion faux pas was…probably my tomboy stage when I was 8 or 9 when I would only wear Bad Boy or Hot Tuna.

I am inspired by…art.

The most artistic designer in the world is…at the moment I couldn’t go past Allesandro Michele, the new Creative Director of Gucci.

The artist who most inspires me…Takashi Murakami.


To get your tickets to the ART BALL, click HERE 

For more on the event, visit the Art Ball website


‘Till next time,



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