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When I first received my invitation to the VIP H&M Shopping experience, I didn’t know if I would be able to attend. The time was 8:30am – 2pm on a school day and I thought, what on earth are we going to do in that time? The invitation came from my good friend Grant at Muse Bureau so I knew whatever it was, it was going to be epic so I planned the day off and left myself open to what could be in-store (pun intended.)

The only conundrum being that I recently saw a film about ‘Fast Fashion’ called The True Cost and ever since then I swore to myself  that I would no longer support companies who didn’t behave ethically or have any consideration for the environment. I didn’t remember seeing H&M mentioned in the film so again, I stayed open minded but this time on a mission to discover whether H&M was a company I could buy into (literally, OMG so many puns!).

We arrived early and were greeted by our very own H&M coffee which we pre-ordered along with our lunch via email a few days before – choosing a steak or gnocchi for an upcoming event and providing dietary requirements whilst sitting in a stuffy office a few days before brought me joy in itself and again filled me with anticipation for the day.


Everyone who was meant to be there was, all the bloggers and ‘influencers’ who had relevance to this particular event showed up and embraced the impending road trip to Joondalup.


Guess who>? Do I really need to spell it out for you? Those clutches, THOSE shoes!!


And then what seemed like hundreds of black tinted vans pulled up at The Flour Factory to take us in groups to the H&M Joondalup store.

I was lucky to get to spend both trips with dear friends in this industry and our conversations were a breath of fresh air that added so much to the experience. It’s not often we get to spend much time hanging out, usually at events it is all air kisses and small talk but these trips to and from Joondalup thanks to our hosts were truly enjoyable and meaningful.


Then we arrived. It is MASSIVE!!! Everything you could ever imagine is at H&M in Joondalup. I had also never been to the shopping precinct they have there, it is much more vibrant and chic than I thought it would be, a similar aesthetic to Claremont Quarter. They’ve done a great job.


They even have accessories for your beloved pet!


Elle Giles in the menswear section upstairs. I bought at least 3 mens items. Who says boys clothes are just for the boys!


Poppy’s bestie Pippa McManus rocking one of Poppy Lissiman Addition’s handbags while we shopped our little heads off.

Whilst shopping I noticed we were each given a little booklet entitled H&M Conscious Actions Highlights 2014. I didn’t have time to read it but I duly noted it for later and went on.


Emma Bergmeier-Varian knows how to rock a sensible shoe


The IT couple, Harrison and Poppy


Upon arrival back at The Flour Factory for lunch we were all in awe of the INCREDIBLE space set up by Muse Bureau for H&M with floral displays by the one and only Rebecca Grace of Natural Art Flowers. Cool imagery was hung on canvases on the walls amongst hanging jungle.


The food and drinks were TO DIE FOR! My images really do not do this event justice this time. It was just magnificent. Everyone had their own place setting and for the entire lunch which I felt more spoilt than I have in a long time! I hadn’t yet learnt about H&M’s conscious practices but I was soon to find out.


During lunch I was lucky enough to sit opposite the PR from Sydney who I inevitably felt compelled to ask the hard questions of. Not really protocol after a day of free shopping and never ending delicacies on the house, however I had to know. To my complete and utter delight she was informed, unashamed and I was enlightened. What I learnt from that conversation and further research, far exceeded my expectations!

Here are some facts about H&M and their ethical practices – the first being the one that impressed me the most!

* H&M runs one of the world’s biggest retail garment collecting programmes. At almost every H&M store world-wide there are boxes where you can leave old clothes from ANY brand to give them a new life and at the same time they will give you a small reward. Their goal is to recycle as much of the material as possible into new garments. So instead of dumping your old clothing into op shop bins, you can take them to H&M and receive 15% off your next purchased item!

* H&M is the world’s biggest user of organic cotton, meaning 46% less climate impact than the use or conventional cotton

* H&M does not sell any real fur or angora wool and apply some of the strictest standards for animal welfare

* H&M and the H&M Conscious Foundation helped more than 430,000 people gain access to safe drinking water in developing countries together with WaterAid.

* H&M do not own factories, instead they work with 850 suppliers around the world. They were one of the first fashion brands to publish their list of supplier factories.

* H&M actively support fair living wages across the entire textile industry and have personally met the Prime Ministers of Bangladesh and Cambodia several times to promote higher minimum wages.

* H&M were one of the first companies to work with Greenpeace on the goal to achieve zero discharge of hazardous chemicals across their supply chain.

Pretty impressive huh?

For more information, visit: hm.com/whatotherssay


Thank you for a beautiful day H&M.

And now I can say with my conscience clear, despite a beautiful day, free clothes and a stunningly divine lunch where we were all spoilt rotten, you REALLY should visit H&M – now open in Joondalup, WA.

xxx SV xxx


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