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On the second day of Telstra Perth Fashion Festival, WA label Empire Rose took #twinning to another level with a collection inspired by bohemian Paris and the bourgeoisie. We saw coloured wigs with Marie Antoinette-esque hair by L’Oreal Professionnel and make-up Directed by Carol Mackie for MAC Cosmetics with a collection that was true to the Empire Rose aesthetic but amplified to perfection for the runway. With a new injection of denim, relaxed drapes using luxe fabrics in old-world floral prints and plaid block colours, with an element of androgyny complementing a significant proportion of looks – Empire Rose SS2016 is wearable, fresh, creative and easily accessible.


Designer, Kathryn Cizeika told me on reflection that she was crazy to come up with a concept for twins on the runway, it meant double the looks needed for her show but boy was it worth it with audiences hooting, clapping and hollering as each pair walked the 27 metre runway with ease in their matching white sneakers.


This collection saw a collaboration with recent graduate and lingerie prodigy Rosemaree White who was enlisted to design pieces to compliment specific runway looks. It was so fantastic to see an established label such as Empire Rose give an opportunity to a brand new Perth talent such as Rosemaree – Perth should be doing more of this! The experiment produced an effortlessness that worked seamlessly on the eye and added the appeal of sensuality which was beautiful and enticing to behold.

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Designer Kathryn Cizeika

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The finale wedding dress complete with tiny bridesmaids aka Heath Ledger’s twin nieces who also walked the runway

242-TPFF2015-Day2-Empire-Rose-6844 216-TPFF2015-Day2-Empire-Rose-6776

All images taken by Songy Knox Photography, exclusively for Style Voyeur @ TPFF15

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