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I am SO excited to reveal my latest editorial – shot with photographer Thom Kerr and make-up artist, Rebekah Clark for the print edition of Black Magazine which is released Internationally today, due to hit news stands in NZ, Australia, New York, Los Angeles, Paris & London.

The print is rather small below but you can get your very own copy of the new Black Mag from news agencies VERY SOON! Keep your eyes peeled!

BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-3 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-4 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-5 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-6 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-7 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-8 BLK-23-Our-Perth-Place-copy-9

This shoot is a long time coming for me, not only because we shot it in April but because I had the idea for this shoot in my back pocket for years. I have always loved shoots with interesting kids taken off the streets, interviewed, styled – but with their own aesthetic kept in the mix – and flung in front of the camera to be put in print. I’ve always wanted to do more shoots like this, to show how real people can be just as compelling as models in print. It is so cool to finally make it a reality and share it with you all!!

They say there is something in the water in Perth, with the usual credits going to models, actors and talented musicians, however I think these faces are testament to the fact that regular people walking the streets can be just as incredible as any ‘personality’. I hand-picked each of these characters because I knew there was something special about them that the camera would pick up. How I got to choosing them was funny because, like I say, I have had this shoot in my mind forever.

Chebet – was pretty much the original inspiration for this shoot. When I first met her as a volunteer for Perth Fashion Festival I couldn’t get over how beautiful she was and that she wasn’t a model, a crime! I have been hoping she wouldn’t move cities for about 3 years because I never got around to doing anything about this idea until now. Once she was even going to dye her hair purple which freaked me out because it wasn’t my vision hahaha but luckily I got her perfectly natural when the time came.

Dhiva – I also met at PFF. I was backstage shooting for this very blog and was taking a break outside the backstage tent when she introduced herself. If was dark at night and all I remember was her bindi and her eyes, I was mesmerised. She got added to the list that very moment and about a year later I contacted her.

Jason – is Chebet’s friend but I met him years ago and he is actually in my mini documentary, INSIDE STYLE VOYEUR (which by the way if you haven’t seen, where have you been?>) he is good friends with top Perth male model, Mason Roberts and was always fun to muck around with at fashion events.

Lorraine – is usually my costume assistant for the work I do in film but I brought her along to help on this shoot as we shot two that day and the other was very much her vibe – Thom Kerr Shoots Amelleah – so I  knew she would be good to have on board. When ever we do film shoots someone is always trying to coax her into being an extra and this time she got roped in to being part of this shoot by Thom haha. I am so so glad she was involved, we have worked together for years now and she is a good friend. What a good sport and stunner taboot!

Olivia – was my intern for about 6 months last year and for some of this year. Again someone I added to the list in my minds eye from the moment we met! Our own Devon Aoki, represent!

Dani – I met at the opening of Miu Miu. She told me she was opening a store and I had to come and blog it – so I did. She is just such a cool cat and I am a huge fan of what her and her brother and finace are doing with Lessons Concept Store. Adding to the culture of our city, well Fremantle, one high-end Danish street wear label exclusive-to-Australia at a time. She is the essence of a cool kid and anything but pretentious.

Each of them beautiful inside and out. I think it is safe to now say that I was correct in thinking this would work!


Adam Heath Boutique, Co Creative Agency, BrandE The Label, Aimee Chere Intimates, Pared Eyewear, Lessons Concept Store and my assistant Lorraine Koh!

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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