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Yesterday afternoon was the Telstra Perth Fashion Festival Resort + Swim show at The Royal Perth Yacht Club in Crawley. It was the most stunning setting and perfectly apt for a show themed around the water. Hundreds of yachts were docked right near the ‘runway’ and in a finale that wowed audience members with models wearing a sea of colourful one-piece bathers designed by Bikini Atoll Swimwear,  the show drew to a close at sunset – how perfect!

Backstage the models were freezing. We were situated right by the water with wind aplenty and that was myself included. I stupidly wore a very thin summer dress that was basically the same as wearing bathers, so for once I could really sympathise with what the poor beauties were going through. I usually dress too warm for everything and am dying of heat exhaustion backstage. Cannot win! We were almost blue by the end of it but such is the nature of the industry. No models were harmed in the making of this show!


After a warm bath at home (which all the girls were planning on doing too – who ever suggested that was genius!) I had some time to think about the night’s proceedings. A fun fact from backstage is the model brief for their walk was to ‘perform’ a ‘resting bitch face’ – possibly the term of 2015 and one I am very familiar with myself haha.

So many people who attended wore Camilla, but amazingly there weren’t any double ups from what I could see in the short time I was amongst the crowd to get water. So many bloggers with photographers in tow to capture the perfect shot of them standing idly by the river. The funniest thing I heard when leaving was someone saying to their friend: “I really feel like fish and chips now haha.” I actually ordered pizza for myself later that night, further proving that I can hang out with 45 stunning models wearing bathers for 4 hours and still go about my business as usual. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, the fact of the matter is you certainly couldn’t do what I do and be a jealous person! I just love those little bunnies and how incredibly gorgeous they all are! One thing’s for sure, it certainly makes my job a lot easier!

Check them out below, killing it for my SV lens xx

IMG_8100 IMG_81960option2


IMG_82400 IMG_8276 IMG_81944 IMG_82098 IMG_81400h IMG_8312 IMG_82499 IMG_81811 IMG_8179 IMG_8293 IMG_8241 IMG_8185 IMG_8153 IMG_8150 IMG_8284 IMG_8261 IMG_8183 IMG_82299 IMG_8311 IMG_8129

This is First Base


45 shades of the colour wheel by Bikini Atoll Swimwear – incredible!


The pink hues represent!

IMG_8301 IMG_8299 IMG_8303

A group hug before walking the finale because everyone was freezing! Too cute! All those stories about bitchiness backstage with models and in fashion is such a load of codswallop! I have never heard of or seen an incident in 7 years – it’s all love!


Face of the TPFF Resort + Swim Series, Miquela Vos did such a stellar job! What an incredible babe!

Check out our #5minwith segment from last week which features an interview with Miquela herself, right HERE !


I also managed to get a nice pic from the lovely event photographer, Stefan Gosatti showing what I wore yesterday. I often feel my efforts getting dressed up for shows are wasted when I spend the whole time backstage, so it is a little bit special for me to get a nice snap sometimes. At least it makes me feel glad I didn’t wear PJs – even though I probably could have haha. My shoes are from Hobbs and the dress is vintage.

Thanks to Telstra Perth Fashion Festival for the hospitality, I got the exclusivity to shoot backstage and boy what a pleasure that is!

xxx SV xxx


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