Fremantle Fashion Collective


The Fremantle Fashion Collective was a first time show of what I hope will become an annual event and one that I was very glad to attend. Making the trek to Freo can be a pain but as soon as you get there it is so lovely, the air is so fresh and I knew it would be worthwhile. Luckily I was NOT disappointed! Backstage was absolute chaos as always but I genuinely had almost zero room to capture these shots, hence the lack of full-length ones. It was boiling hot that night and I was pushing my way in to get photos amongst the hair and make-up people who were all very gracious but just so content on doing touch-ups until the very last second before the models walked onto the runway which didn’t make my job easy. When it is like that, designers rushing in to ensure their pieces are put on correctly by the dressers, hair and make-up people literally everywhere, the model’s barely having enough room to move, let alone pose for a photo, you would think I hate to be backstage but when a show is as good as this, with models as gorgeous as these girls, I actually forget all of that and have a complete blast anyway. That is how I know the show was a good one, I go into the zone and it is like a buzz I cannot describe – it’s magic!  Being allowed back there is always an honour, no matter how crazy and surprisingly I am really happy with the photos I did manage to get under the circumstances.

This show was a great example of how far we have come in the WA fashion industry. I took along a friend who sat in the audience watching the show and remember thinking how proud I was that I took him along to get to see what a great industry we have here. Certainly one to be proud of. The show itself was spectacular, very dramatic and with some awesome music. The venue was fabulous, like a massive warehouse crafted from a former car park but clean and perfectly apt for a fashion runway show. Well done everyone, you rocked it!

And lastly might I add, how absolutely f-ing stunning are these Chadwick models! O M G we have some beauties in this town, no doubt destined for big things to come.

Above – Topaz Berger wearing Empire Rose with millinery by the one and only Reny Kestel


Catherine Davis and Aimee Thompson also in Empire Rose with Reny Kestel millinery – above, below and bottom


Caris Tiivel


Reny Kestel antlers


Sequin drop crotch pants from Empire Rose = yes please!


Catherine wearing Tindale

IMG_7848 IMG_7760

Amiee gives Topaz a kiss wearing Yuuki literally seconds before walking onto the runway


Rachel Cooke wearing Megan Salmon


Claudia Todman Flight of Femmes


Madeleine Mitchell


Emilee MacCormack wearing Wild Horses – above & below

IMG_7829 IMG_7809

Anna Rose wearing Wild Horses, also below

IMG_7802 IMG_7911

Claudia wearing Morrison


Kya Pedrick wearing Morrison


Bree Wilson also in Morrison

IMG_7893 IMG_7920

Topaz wearing Tindale

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx


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