Topshop Topman Opening


The Topshop Topman Opening was such an incredible evening and one I will remember for years to come, thanks to the next level pampering and SUPER fun times had by all.

Perth’s hottest PR company-of-the-moment, Muse Bureau hand-picked a VVIP list of 25 guests on behalf of Topshop who were invited to a bespoke sit-down dinner curated by celebrity chef Matt Stone, celebrated outside the new city store on Thursday night. From the moment we arrived it was obvious that this night was set to be super intimate and super duper special. The exclusivity of the event was what really drew out the funny moments, ultimately making it even more magical than expected or anticipated.


As a blogger, I obviously LOVE my job and have created this career for myself to enjoy, however I would hazard a guess as to the fact that everyone in fashion media loves their jobs too. You sort of have to or you wouldn’t be there to begin with. Despite the thousands of soirees we attend, the demanding schedules, the after-hours responsibilities and the never-ending deadlines being par for the course, we do all really know deep down that we are lucky to be invited to the best events, the hottest openings and the coolest launches every week. No one ever talks about that but of course we feel special being included, all dressed up, drinking fine Champagne and eating fancy dinners – who wouldn’t. It may become JUST a job for most but there are moments at certain events when you take a moment, look around you (on the job) and think, wow! this is seriously cool!!! And this event was one of those! I would say quite confidently that every one of us there was thinking the same thing, having one of those moments to ourselves.


The intimacy of the event – quite likely the most exclusive thing I have been invited to – guest numbers wise – really made us all feel so much more connected to each other and to the Topshop Topman people over from Sydney too. It was very clever and actually so ‘organically strategic’ (do you like that term? haha) because we seemed to learn so much more about the company than usual, we really met and properly chatted to every one of the people making it all happen within the company and now have so much more of a drive and responsibility to be FOR this fast-fashion enterprise and share our experience. All of the usuals were there, we all know each other, the media, the stylists, we are comrades, we see each other everywhere but this time it was like being at a family dinner party with a few new members to the clan…Except you weren’t sitting next to your silly cousin, it was actually the guy responsible for bringing Topshop to Australia – and just as silly, might I add! Your funny uncle sitting across from you drinking red wine was actually the part-owner of this massive enterprise in Australia, charming everyone around him. Your hot sister-in-law was actually the chic Managing Director of Topshop Australia who was as kind, beautiful and approachable as your most elegant relative. Important marketing executives were as sweet as your Grandmother’s perfume and as corny as it sounds, everyone felt included, happy, inspired and on top of the world because of it.


After the dinner, an even more select few went on to the after party on the double-decker Topshop bus and OMG that was a different story entirely. The moments that transpired as we traveled to The Classroom in North Perth are some of the most fun times I have had in as long as I can remember. See below for evidence of this. Yes we drank Veuve from the bottle hahaha! We all know SV loves a chic slash dirty juxtaposition.

Thank you so much for having me and for dressing me on the night! I look forward to working with Topshop in some way in the near future. Yay Perth!

Above: Poppy Lissiman wearing Topshop with one of her #trending clutch bags

2nd from Above: Myself, Pippa Foster and Poppy Lissiman all dressed by Topshop. pic thanks to


IMG model slash singer/performer Matilda Dods who was flown over to sing for us during dinner


The beautiful people – Topshop Perth Brand Ambassadors slash models, Gabrielle Sullivan and Sarah Tilleke from Vivien’s


Snacks before a massive, 3 course dinner curated by Matt Stone


Perth It-boy slash Uber Marketing guru slash Poppy Lissiman’s man, Harrison Kennedy


Stylist Teagan Sewell taking some snaps of the table setting before dinner wearing her Valentino pumps


That green hair made my night as referenced heavily in this post!


People this cool make you want to spew at times, except when they are as gorgeous, down to earth, talented and lovely as Matilda was. God bless her!


Fresh, Spring Summer collections, I mean, foods, curated by Matt Stone


After dinner we got on the Topshop bus. You know those memes of ‘how I thought I looked, Verses how I really looked.” The above image is how everything actually looked. It was like a raving disco in there haha, so much fun!


Sarah Tilleke knows how to party


So do Poppy and Harrison

bus antics2

Actually we all do, what fun!

Gemma Walsh on the left of STM slash, me, Harrisson and Poppy

IMG_70433 IMG_70377

Perth Fashion Festival Founder slash Director, Mariella Harvey-Hanrahan with the owner of Topshop Australia


Me and the man responsible for bringing Topshop to Australia, what a cool cat!


Veuve times on the bus, we all had a swig, I’m not gonna lie!


Pippa and Poppy, BFFs 4 lyfe


To book your very own complimentary styling session, email:

Hopefully the complimentary stylist can hear all of your complimentary styling needs over you mouthful of complimentary macarons and complimentary Champagne and beers #wordonthestreet

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‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx


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