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I would like to think I have a pretty good grasp on which events are really worthwhile attending these days, so when I received my very thick and serious looking hard copy invite to the launch of Lessons Concept Store in Fremantle, I just knew something cool was brewing. The details of the event were kept so secret – no one had any idea of what we were getting ourselves in for when approaching the event. It wasn’t until we arrived at this dungeon-like entryway in the pitch black of the night that our interest really started to peak. It was actually quite scary and with much anticipation it became clear that strangeness would ensue upon entry.


As we walked underground we were greeted by bartenders clad in balaclavas and deep brown leather butchers aprons, standing in literally every corner of this massive space. Fully stocked bars offered speak-easy style drinks and smoke and incense filled the rooms coming from rusty copper stands, reminding me of a traditional smoking ceremony at a funeral. Black feathers covered the floors and it seemed as though everyone was wearing head to toe black – with the odd dash of monochrome thrown in. The clothing available for pre-order on the night (also practically entirely monochrome) hung from meat cleaver-like hooks against chipped, heritage listed walls that stood 150 years old – lit up by candlelight. Oak coloured chesterfields were sat on by crew, an old-school barbershop was running like it was the 1920’s and the smell of rum permeated the senses as though it was moonshine during prohibition. It seemed like almost everyone had tattoos covering their entire body, which in fact matched perfectly with the framed artworks strategically hung on walls. There were hipsters, professional footballers, models, buyers and even Mexican, Day of the Dead style skull mask-wearing waiters.

We played pool (that I sucked so badly at – to the obvious disappointment of my date), we listened to some seriously epic tunes mixed by the DJ and his cohorts and ate and drank with the coolest of cool kids until close to midnight.


The owners who are some of the coolest, yet humble kids I have met in a long time, aim to use this unique boutique space as a cultural hub – offering specialty coffee and high-end streetwear and are set to house monthly events such as exhibitions, fashion soirees and the like. The clothing they stock has been handpicked from around the world with labels such as Melbourne’s PAM, Bali’s ‘This Is A Love Song’ and London’s Adyn Clothing and KTZ ‘Kokon to Zai’ – who remarkably is part designed by a Perth boy I know named Jeromy Lim.

All in all, I’m so glad I made the unusual effort to venture to Freo on a Friday night because it was DEFINITELY well worth it. Cool kids, I guess have their name for a reason. It was pretty cool indeed.

Top: Ashlee and Gaby hanging out, above: black feathers spread across the floor in a creepy fashion on Packenham Street and a boxing outfit hanging from what looked like a meat cleaver


Balaclava babes


Models Sean Penney and Gabrielle Sullivan – Sean doubled as a bar tender that night too


If these walls could talk I think they may have some scary things to say but that is also what gives this space such character


The stunning Emmi Moore – PR and model extraordinaire


Billie & Rose owner, Pippa McAuliff and her partner Chris

IMG_9952 IMG_9966

Old school playboys stacked on coffee tables

IMG_99645 (Mike Hoath)

Some of the photos in this post are thanks to this guy and I promise he’s not a creep #justababe – checking out the playboy stash in between stealing my camera. Nice to find a few pics of me in my camera for once haha


Conor who is one of the founders of this fair establishment on the left (and what a very fine person he is indeed) with his DJ buddy, killin’ it on the right


Accessories for the boyz


Me and Conor, Conor and I – pic thanks to Mike Hoath


Check out those walls


Model Grady Wulff and her buddy sitting on some sort of creepy chair/swing


The fit out was exceptional, very ‘effortless chic’ but I’m sure it was high maintenance to achieve


Someone not wearing black

IMG_99945 IMG_01099 IMG_99611

Being forced to pose for a snap between shooting some pool


Another shot by my friend, everyone was posing for him – they must have known it was SV’s lens!


Clearly in love with Gabrielle Sullivan – so nice to have genuine friends in this industry, awww check us out!


A sporadic, seemingly unintentional snap of a dude with a wide-brimmed hat and a serious beard – NB: I wasn’t lying about the tats!


Thanks for having me Dani, Conor & Jake!

Check out Lessons on instagram @lessonsconceptstore

online HERE

Visit: Basement. 1 Packenham St, Fremantle. WA

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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