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Every year I do some sort of survival guide in preparation for fashion week combat because, in my opinion embarking on a fashion week can be likened to battling for survival on the front line. Last year I brought you HOW TO SURVIVE ANOTHER FASHION WEEK, the year before it was SV’s SURVIVAL GUIDE FOR FASHION WEEK COMBAT – and while I’m sure you can still get a lot out of those posts for the upcoming Telstra Perth Fashion Festival (starting TODAY!!!), I thought we’d take it in a different direction this year. Quite frankly – we’ve already had enough war in the media to deal with. Thanks to Photographer Greg Lewis, SV brings you IT’S CALLED FASHION, LOOK IT UP! with an inspirational, behind the scenes look into the top shows at New York and Paris fashion weeks. Just the very thing to get you in the mood.


Greg Lewis is a Perth born, Internationally based photographer who after working in Australia, moved to New York City from 2011 – 2013. While there he shot advertising and fashion in NYC, Paris and Tokyo and worked for various publications including The New York Times.

Back home now for a brief stint, enjoying his time with family and friends, Greg caught up with Style Voyeur to bring you this awesome collection of archives from the Autumn Winter and Spring Summer shows of 2012, sharing his memories captured in true SV voyeuristic style from the top fashion capitals.


“When fashion week comes around (in the major cities) most of the industry comes to a standstill. The people who actually work in fashion but not on the shows such as photographers and advertising executives suddenly have time off to party. It is a good excuse for everyone to get loose and meet the rest of the industry. When I had the opportunity to shoot the shows in New York and Paris, instead of just partying, I jumped on board.” Greg tells SV.

“I was very intersted to see the inner workings of this ‘circus’ that is fashion week. Being backstage, I guess I was an outsider looking in and I approached it very voyeuristically and wanted to observe the goings on, rather than interfere.”

“I gained a massive appreciation for the designers and their teams and all of the crew backstage. What I love about any creative industry is that most of the people would be here with or without the money. Take Bill Cunningham for example. You can see the love and energy put into all of this.”

Above: The legendary, Bill Cunningham


Karlie Kloss

_DSC1941 _DSC2708

Maryna Linchuk in Look 19 from Christian Dior Spring Summer 2012


Miranda Kerr wearing Dior in Paris


Vivienne Westwood in Paris

_DSC2817 _DSC2823 _DSC2055

Backstage at Dior in Paris

_DSC2478 _DSC1637

Lindsey Wixson


Hanne Gaby Odiele


Jourdan Dunn


Daphne Groenevold


Ginta Lapina

_DSC1511 _DSC1412

Beautiful hair & make-up backstage on Caroline Trentini at New York Fashion Week

_DSC1420 _DSC0967

Beehives backstage

_DSC1586 _DSC1284

Josephine Skriver having her make up did


Arizona Muse


Lindsey Wixson amongst the bedlam

_DSC1914 _DSC1930 _DSC3832 _DSC1230

Designers featured included: Dior, Marc Jacobs, Calvin Klein, Phillip Lim, Alexander Wang and Vivienne Westood.

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‘Til next time,

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