The September Issue


It’s rare that I share photos that are not my own but when it comes to finding fashion inspiration, one can look no further than The September Issues. I remember what it was like as a girl looking through the pages of magazines, being in awe of the glamour and spectacle of the fashion editorials and how the runway looks were brought to reality or surreal-ity as it seemed in those days – however for this upcoming Fall/Winter 14/15 season, we’re talking as real it can gets. Normcore is upon us and if the title of the above editorial is anything to go by, normal doesn’t necessarily mean ugly. Super Normal Supermodels by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine.

Normcore, the 90’s, the 60’s, sportswear, oversized outerwear, girls dressed as boys, dressed as girls, Lara Stone, fur and furry things – all not very NEW feeling prospects as far as emerging trends are concerned or as Miranda Priestly would say, “Flowers for spring, groundbreaking” – and with backdrops including nature, 70’s wallpaper, old chipped painted walls, kitchens, cars, streets and bathrooms, we’re taking a break from glitz & glamour too it seems. A welcome break? You decide.


Super Normal Supermodels by Mert & Marcus for W Magazine – above, below & under

w-magazine-september-2014-mert-marcus-20 w-magazine-september-2014-mert-marcus-9 georgia-may-jagger-w-korea-september-2014-5

Georgia May Jagger by Maciek Kobielski for W Korea September 2014 – above & below

georgia-may-jagger-w-korea-september-2014-2 benthe-de-vries-for-elle-italia-september-2014-7

Benthe de Vries by Michael Sanders for Ella Italia September 2014 – above & below

benthe-de-vries-for-elle-italia-september-2014-6 lara-stone-willy-vanderperre-w-magazine-september-2014-6

Lara Stone by Willy Vanderperre for W Magazine September 2014


Ophelie Guillermand by Jason Kibbler for Vogue Russia September 2014


Auguste Abeliunaite wearing Prada fur dress by Sofia Sanchez & Mauro Mongiello for Numero September 2014


Melina Gesto by Thomas Lohr for Vogue Germany September 2014


Lara Stone by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue UK September 2014 – above, below & under

lara-stone-by-mario-sorrenti-for-vogue-uk-september-2014-1 lara-stone-mario-sorrenti-uk-vogue-september-2014-10 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-9

Amanda Walsh by Sebastian Kim for Vogue Australia September 2014 – above, below & under

amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-3 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-5 amanda-wellsh-sebastian-kim-vogue-australia-september-2014-7 vogue-russia-september-2014-6

Vogue Russia September 2014


Vogue Russia September 2014


Jenna Earle by Andrew Soule for Flare Magazine September 2014


Mert & Mercus for W Magazine September 2014

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