Richard Avedon People


The Art Gallery of WA will unveil its latest exhibition, Richard Avedon People to the public today with a series of 80 photographs by the famed American photographer. Chronicling his black and white portraiture from 1949 – 2002, this exhibition is another testament to the amazing opportunities AGWA Director, Stefano Carboni has brought to the Culture & Arts scene of WA since his appointment.

Style Voyeur was lucky enough to go backstage and ‘front row’ at the media launch and VIP opening on Wednesday thanks to photographer, Songy Knox who took my place while I extended my holiday in Bali (more to come on that soon!).


Amazing make-up by MAC’s Carol Mackie and Hendra Widjaja, with hair by Lee Preston


Models own


All clothing worn by models from Dilettante featuring Yang Li and Ann Demeulemeester

Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-2799 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-2778 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-2791 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-2789 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-6182 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-6248 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-6247 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-27169 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-6232 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-6236 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-6233 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-27207 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-27239 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-6216 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-27252 Richard-Avedon-WAGA-Exhibition-27203

Richard Avedon People is on display at the Art Gallery of WA until November 17 2014.

Not to be missed! For more..

All photography in this post thanks to Songy Knox.

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