PICA Salon 2014


Spotted: The very vivid Tarryn Gill outside PICA before the Salon Vernissage event on Saturday night – one of my favourite events of the year, celebrating and supporting the work of Australian artists. Thanks to PICA for having me again and for their ongoing contribution to the Culture and Arts scene of Western Australia

An honourable mention must go to the gentleman who did the most beautiful welcome to country I have ever heard – and I have heard many. He was so enthusiastic about filling the room and the earth we were standing on with the vibration of love, it was a moment to be remembered forever. Clearly so in tune with his healing energies, by simply speaking to us all, we were transformed for those moments into more spiritually awakened individuals and as a whole more connected as a community. I felt blessed to have been there and to have been a part of it.


Colourful hair was everywhere and so were Tsumori Chisato dresses

IMG_7638 IMG_76246

Flower eyelashes from Japan on artist, Pilar Dupont


Alison Jade, CEO and founder of the renowned Alison Jade Cosmetics brand


Michelle Campbell rocking some divine detail

IMG_7622 IMG_76488

Harrison Kennedy

IMG_76711 IMG_7635

PICA staff member, Renae Coles wearing a stunning pleated dress from Dilettante whilst checking out the auction item dress by Tsumori Chisato also from Dilettante


Richard Bell, Treaty 2014


Curator, Nadia Johnson in front of the work of artist, Kenny Pittock


This was my favourite piece on the night by artist Tom Borgas


Gorgeous PICA staff dressed by Dilettante


Love it!

IMG_7632 IMG_7602

Peachoo + Krejberg sparkles from behind


A glamorous Emma Vickery


Harrison Kennedy and Justin Burford, Justin performed his melodies for guests on the night – one song was none other than ‘under the sea’ from Disney’s, The Little Mermaid haha. When I heard it I had to stop and make sure what I was hearing was correct. Awesome is an understatement!


Poppy Lissiman


Poppy and Harrison


Harrison took my camera off me and captured this action shot of me and Justin – feeling cheeky at this point after a few DELICIOUS cocktails that tasted like sherbert


Another shot by Harrison of his gorgeous girlfriend, Poppy


The weirdest part of the night, the golden gaytime icecream delivery man haha but no one was complaining, yum!

To learn more about PICA, visit them HERE

‘Till next time,

xxxx SV xxxx


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