Miu Miu Perth Opening


The opening of a flagship Miu Miu boutique on King Street was cause for much celebration on Wednesday night with the beautiful people of Perth – and some clients from Hong Kong and Sydney – stepping out in their finest to attend a chic, cocktail evening in keeping with the standards held by Mrs Prada herself.

The boutique is huge but the lighting and the endless mirrors at every corner of the room, the colour of those curtains, with cocktails flowing endlessly, tunes drifting in and out of focus, glamorous guests aplenty, staff in uniforms everywhere and me in my Jaime Lee sparkles (wearing couture ain’t easy) – it was more like a shiny labyrinth for me to navigate my way around. I knew a lot of people there but everything looked different, more refined, slightly blurred. That is the thing about high end, about luxury, it is sensory. We all need to clothe ourselves, we all like shiny things, we all go to events – well I certainly do – but it is that extra level of staff etiquette, the presentation of the products, the feel of the fabric, the cut and the drape, those extra special touches like having a selection of perfumes in the bathroom and your very own footman to guard the door, the mystery of money, the taste of style, the overindulgence, yet the value for quality, the things that make a brand like Miu Miu sparkle. There was no fashion moment on the night but there didn’t need to be one, the brand, the event, the experience of it all is a moment, an experience, a philosophy.

Above: Cover star, Innes Ledger


Model couple, Caris Tiivel and Stirling Caiulo

IMG_80927 IMG_8099

Cocktail Gastronomy cocktails, as amazing and delicious as ever

IMG_8065 IMG_8111

PR guru Natalie Cameron


THE FACE Australia Winner – Olivia Donaldson who can now simply be referred to as ‘The Face.’

IMG_82009 IMG_8087

So many mirrors – can you see me sparkle?

IMG_8084 IMG_82433

The slashie – Model/ Writer, Gemma Bidstrup

IMG_ebony1 IMG_8094 IMG_811999

Guests at Miu Miu Perth

IMG_8059 4567

I asked these people for a photo because they were both in all black and the other two standing with them were both in all white – in hindsight I’m not sure these two people know each other but I sort of love their differences. They are the definition of different but the same when it comes to their outfits and their vibe

IMG_8230 IMG_8226900

The editor of Harper Bazaar Australia, Kellie Hush who was in Perth for the occasion


Model Ebony Hunter who did her own incredible hair and make up for the event – I overheard an event producer telling her she has to do her own make up at shows from now on haha


Models galore – Paris Fontana


Seemingly an event isn’t complete until I get a photo of Poppy Lissiman haha


Ebony Hunter was the best dressed of the night and what a night it was

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx


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