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Department on Beaufort Street previewed their latest collections for the upcoming Spring Summer 14/15 season last night with a mini fashion parade in their Mt Lawley store. Guests enjoyed free rides to the event thanks to Uber and food trucks were parked on the street offering Brazilian snacks and delicious organic juices with vodka and rosemary. People roamed around the space inside and schmoozed on the pathway outside like it was a little festival before the show.

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Guests hanging out before the show


Lauren Lovelace – yes, that is really her name! & Abbey Gelmi at Department on Beaufort


I literally saw 6 people wearing Valentino studded heels last night – when high fashion starts to creep into the mainstream amongst monied Perth fashion seekers


Backstage was a different story, it was such a tight squeeze with barely any room to take photos and just as mad as ever! If it wasn’t for my relationship with the producer of the event and her trust in me and support of what I do here with SV, probably no one else in their right mind would have allowed me to be back there. Of course, like normal I ended up helping and jumped and pulled at a curtain to hide the models as they came and went into view. However it is thanks to those relationships I am lucky to have with producers of these events that brings about YOUR inclusion in all of this. You have to remember, it’s just us back there!

There is nothing like the electric spirit of a fashion show brought to you from backstage, the antics that unfold, the models in their natural element, working so hard but still finding the little moments to be cheeky and fun and instantly this illusion that fashion is only for the ‘brave,’ that it is cold and serious, is diminished when you see how much fun it all really is. An industry built on passion. Sure it is primarily about the clothes and fashion itself but I also want to show everyone that the models are gorgeous friends, style can be silly, fashion is fun and the people who really get it, know that a warm personality, persistence, strength of character and a good sense of humour are the things that will help keep you ‘IN.’

Style Voyeur welcomes you inside my little world to experience the joy that is my fashuuuun life in Perth.


The backstage antics begin, mood boards on the door and this t-shirt saying it all!


Gaby and Rachel with beautiful plaits sitting behind a single curtain separating them from the guests waiting to be seated in-store


Operation do not fall in love with the male models alert~! Mason Roberts aka friend of Giorgio Armani looking as sexy as ever backstage in a rather simple ensemble


Elegant Evelyn Leckie


The mad dash to get shoes, Evelyn and her SKIN backstage


Rachel Maher who is a bit of an underdog, the secret QUEEN of the pose – she knows how to work it and you better believe it’s in her blood!


An angelic Gabrielle Sullivan


When someone actually blows you a kiss and it’s mistaken for a duck face #firstworldproblems


Just, yes


I am obsessed with this top – Kate Hudson style!


Obsessed! The off the shoulder look is something I have been chasing and is SO good for a girl with a small bust to still feel sensual and free


Fabienne Vanderhaeghen being a cutie


Backstage madness, not many models means super fast change times!


The tennis costume, kimono dress – strange yet awesome


Hai there

IMG_874446 IMG_8596 IMG_85599

More Valentinos and bare feet backstage


Mason has been put in some really simple outfits in front of my lens of recent times, however it doesn’t matter because that boy got swag!


Delicate lacey detailing under a casual, paired back look


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(08) 9272 8850

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx


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