Bali Birthday Photo Diary


Spending your 30th in Perth = no deal!

Check out my visual diary of my recent trip to a very unique and original tropical holiday destination 3.5 hours from Perth.

Above: The last night in my 20’s @ Motel Mexicola


I made a joke before we left on my instagram @stylevoyeur about those memes – “How I think I look” VS “How I really look” and posted this pic from True Blood, imagining myself on our tropical holiday. Amazingly what was so funny is that our villa – Eden, Residence At The Sea – really did look heaps like the vibe of this pic. Ahhhh take that! True bliss!

photo 1-16

Our beautiful 5 bedroom villa at Eden in Kerobokan

photo 4-155

My friend Lauren is the queen of the delicious spread


Room with a view – this was the view from our rooftop at Eden. So amazing! I highly recommend staying here if you ever have a group of friends together and get the chance. They have 3 – 5 room villas and are so incredibly affordable for the level of luxury and service, I was amazed

photo 166

Glory hour post Jari Menari oil drenched massage on our rooftop @ Eden

photo 3-19me3

The morning I woke up, put my bathers on, looked in the bathroom mirror and realised I was 30. I’ve never understood people who say they hate birthdays, however if turning 30 isn’t daunting, I don’t know what is. For me it was a weird feeling because, well I don’t feel 30. Hopefully I never will!


Breakfast as a 30 year old doesn’t look so bad! I have no idea why we don’t have Champagne, that came after..


My Karen Walker sunnies, birthday gift from Mad Kids – Lauren, Matthew & Henry. Q baby Q

photo 2-525

Loving my bday gift in the kitchen, glass cabinet selfie alert


After brek and a swim it was time for AMO – mani/pedi/massage, yes please. I believe the STUNNING owner of AMO on Petitenget is an ex-model – can you tell?

photo 1-09

Awwww Birthday cake thanks to Eden – they were so sweet to do this. Delivered by our very own butler. Everyone sang me Happy Birthday and it made my night pre Sarong so special even though I can’t eat cake. #glutenfreelyfe


My beautiful gift from the incredible WA born, Bali based designer – Jaime Lee Major. Wow I’m a lucky girl! This snap was taken just before we headed off to Sarong for dinner on the night of my 30th Birthday. Ironically Jaime couldn’t be in Bali while we were there – you go cross continent to visit your best friend in her place of residence on your birthday and she ain’t even there to hang out! It is because she is a gosh darn superstar and had to hitch a flight to New York City just days before to shoot Kimbra’s music video with Thom Kerr. It actually went live today. Check it out HERE – Kimbra, Miracle and it makes me feel a little more understanding about the whole thing haha.

photo 5-16action1

Action shot wearing Jaime Lee at Sarong in Seminyak


Million Dollar Martinis at Potato Head by candlelight


Sunday Brunch at the W. Seriously if you are ever in Seminyak on a Sunday this is a MUST!


Next level selfies


Pictures can not do Sunday Brunch at the W justice. It is literally Willy Wonka land

photo 5-39

You haven’t lived until you have tried white chocolate dipped popcorn on a stick

photo 2-01848

Eden is basically one big couch


Mumm by the pool

photo 2-20sun

Sunset from our rooftop

photo 3-16

My bedroom @ Eden
photo 2-3ygh33

My bathroom was a mini jungle

photo 1-33phyh


photo 1-29pot

Sun bathing & Pina Coladas @ Potato Head


Last time I was in Bali in November I saw this shop right near Sea Circus being painted. For days we would drive past and see the girl working away, thinking it was crazy how long she took, however as you can see, it was clearly worth it!


500 Rupiah (roughly $500) will get you fake Chanel at Numero = no deal!


What a stupid woman. No helmet and a bloody labrador on her bike. It amazes me the stupid shit people do. I would never get on one of these, let alone take a big dog on one – ugh!


A very unusual looking holiday maker outside Bintang Supermarket. I have to find her card and report back – after I took her photo she said she had 30,000 Twitter followers and I think she was a famous performer/dancer. Hmmm watch this space


Just chillin’


The best coffee in Bali


Wearing Jeans West at our second villa, Bidadari. We had no wifi so we got a free massage, this is outside the salon. We HATED it there, so do not recommend but extended our stay and I’m glad we did as our third villa was lovely. Booking last minute is hit and miss


I absolutely love these chairs! Wearing a Jeans West dress and shells at the Bidadari salon

photo 2-26grant av

This was so bloody ironic. I’d had my turn of taking the master bedroom at our previous villa so when it was my turn to take the twin – this is what I have to deal with. A broken heart on my 30th – that’d be right. Feeling a little like a spinster at this point but the thought was there


Sunbaking topless at Grand Avenue in Umalas – not a bad way to spend a day


One of my favourite cheap and cheerful restaurants – Zula Vegetarian Paradise and to me it is paradise. Gluten free heaven

photo 1-1

Massive coconut at Zula


Nothing with a face or a mother at Zula – No.5 Dhyana Pura, Seminyak – walking distance from Bintang supermarket


The People Vs shorts – my favourite shop in Bali. The singlet I’m wearing in the first pic at Mexicola is also from there. I stock up every time I go now. There is one right near AMO on Petitenget and one on Oberoi

salty seagull

At Salty Seagull with my bestie Matthew Lovkis – ribs & bibs

photo 4-21salty seagull

All of the lights, all of the lights @ Salty Seagull on No.999 Petitenget, Kerobokan – same owners as Mexicola and I LOVED it



Security and swimmers at W, Seminyak

w rainbow cake

Rainbow cake @ W

photo 2-34-pillowland

Pillow land – this is what holidays are all about


Love that sunburnt country. Home time! What an awesome holiday and now I am old!

‘Till next time,

xxx SV xxx


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