The Face Top 12: 5 Minutes With Olivia Donaldson


The Face has come to Australia and in a crazily exciting turn of events, 5 out of the Top 12 models shortlisted to take part in the Fox8 series are from WA! For those who didn’t already know (btw where have you been) clearly, there really is something in the water! Watching these girls on TV is a bit of a trip for me after having worked with them all backstage over the years, so what better way to show you how truly gorgeous they are on the inside as well as out, than to share 5 minutes with each of them, day by day in this Style Voyeur exclusive!



Agency: Vivien’s Model Management

Age: 20

Hometown: PERTH, WA

Current location: Perth, but moving to Sydney next month

How did you get into modelling? My parents entered me into the Vivien’s Model Search during the 2008 Perth Fashion Festival when i was 14. The next day Christine Fox, the manger at Vivien’s Perth, called me and signed me then and there! It all happened so quickly but i am forever thankful to my parents for that day!

What was your first big break? I’ve been very fortunate to have worked with amazing people during my career. I’ve fronted two campaigns for Galleria Shopping Centre, shot for the STM, Cosmopolitan, Elle, Scoop, been the face of Forest Chase, Betts Shoes, Ella Bache, Triumph Lingerie, Lee Jeans and many more! But being on The Face Australia will be my first BIG break i think, as the exposure it will give me is out of this world and i got to work with industry greats during my time on the show.

What has been your favourite job so far? My favourite job so far was probably my shoot for SCOOP magazine last year. It was just such a fun day and it was even better when i found out i had made the cover!!


What is your favourite thing about modelling? I love working with such talented and creative people. Being an artsy person myself, i just thrive off listening and watching their ideas come to life! I also really love the creative process in which a shoot comes together, starting with the original concept or idea and watching it develop to the finished product.

What is your ultimate beauty tip? I have so many!! Being a model who works mainly in beauty, looking after my skin is very important to me. Knowing what skin type you have a then catering for it is probably my ultimate beauty tip. The confidence you will have after you begin to properly look after your skin will amaze you! So take good care of it!!

What is your beauty regime? I wash my face every morning and night, cleanse and moisturise it. Apply eye cream at night and drink heaps of water 🙂

What are your ultimate travel essentials? Definitely a good book! Time goes so much faster when you are busy following someone else’s life through a novel. My boyfriend just recently bought me a book on Star Signs and Astronomy so thats keeping me company during my flights between Perth and Sydney at the moment.

What is the one piece of style advice you always follow? My mum always taught me to dress for myself and not for others. Its so important to dress for your body shape and wear things that compliment you and your personality.


What do you do to stay fit? Little things like doing squats while brushing your teeth morning and night, taking the stairs or going for a quick walk with the dog along the coast are what keep me fit while I’m home. I also love watching tutorials on YouTube, so its not uncommon for me to be doing a bit of Zumba or hard-core dancing in my living room!

What are your favourite labels? I love Zimmerman for a beautiful night out, Tigerlilly for casual catch ups, Country Road and Kookai for the basics and Nobody for a good pair of jeans. And also everything Zara!

Who are your favourite designers? I am forever in awe of everything Valentino. I also adore Alexander McQueen for something a bit edgier and Chanel’s recent show was TO DIE FOR!

Who is your favourite model inspiration? I’m really admiring Jessica Gomes and Robyn Lawley for being Aussie models who aren’t a size six! I find them such an inspiration as they are happy, healthy and beautiful women standing out form the usual size six models you see in the magazines. I also love Kate Upton and Doutzen Kroes, but my favourite model would have to be Emily Didonato.

What inspires you generally? My parents, my friends, my boyfriend and my little sisters inspire me. All the people i surround myself with make me want to be a better person and give me the support i need in order to live out my dreams and be happy.


What are your favourite hangouts in Perth? Voyage in Sorrento for a good feed, Yelo in Trigg for a mean juice and The Breakwater for a Sunday Sesh!

When you leave Perth, what do you miss most? What are you currently listening to? BEYONCE, Coldplay (i will forever and always be listening to them), Imagine Dragons and I’m not even ashamed of saying this but the soundtrack from Frozen.

What are you currently reading? Anything by John Green

What is your ultimate end goal? My ultimate goal is to become a successful model and role model to young woman. I’ve always dreamed of being an Anchor Woman as well! And to get without getting fat haha

What do you do to kill time between castings/ on shoots? Read, play solitaire and word search on my iPad and if I’m feeling adventurous ill venture out to somewhere i haven’t been before and go for a stroll.

Where are you right now as you read this? I’m sitting on my lounge directly under the air-conditioner!

What were you doing right before this interview? I took my dog for a walk around the park and made some lunch.

What’s in your handbag? I literally just tipped my bag upside down… alrighty then. We have, my Mimco sunglasses, my car keys, wallet, phone charger, gum, my EpiPen, eye drops, Panadol, comp cards, my diary and a bandaid.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? I love to indulge with a trip to San Churros with my friends, going out for a fancy dinner, baking some goodies for my family and snacking on KitKat during a movie.

What are some of your biggest pet peeves? I really hate it when people don’t answer their phones, or just let it ring and i can hear the ring and it just doesn’t stop and keeps ringing and OH MY GOD ANSWER THE PHONE! I also hate it when people don’t use their indicators when turning.

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years time? In 5 years time ill be 25, hopefully a well-established model traveling the world. In 10 years time ill be 30, and maybe be married with kids and it would be nice if i have finished my university degree by this time, but heres hoping! And I can’t even imagine myself being 40 right now!


This or That… 

Heels or flats? I think a good mixture of both is important. Heels because I’m a short model, and flats because I’m taller than my friends.

Coffee or tea? Neither, i don’t like hot drinks.

Eyeliner or mascara? Neither, when I’m not working I like to keep my eyes bare, but if its a special occasion then definitely mascara.

Work or play? Work! And then play, but work first.

Summer or winter? Right now, winter, but I’m sure if you asked me this question during winter my answer would be summer!

Stripes or plaid? STRIPES! Im actually wearing stripes right now.

Flip flops or sandals? You mean thongs?

Scarves or hats? BOTH!

Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla all the way.

Love or lust? LOVE!

Clubs or Dinner? Dinner. Every time.

Sleep in or get up early? Sleep in.

City or country? I grew up in the country, but i have a love for big cities.

Night or Day? Night, because i love family dinners and hanging out with my boyfriend.

Jimmy Hendrix or Jimmy Barns? Neither, can i say Jay Z?

Fiction or Non Fiction? Fiction

DVDs or cinema? Cinema

Water or Champagne? Water

Twitter or instagram? I have yet to venture to the Twitterverse, but you can follow me on instagram @oliviadonald


’til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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