The Face Top 12: 5 Minutes With Anouska Freedman


The Face has come to Australia and in a crazily exciting turn of events, 5 out of the Top 12 models shortlisted to take part in the Fox8 series are from WA! For those who didn’t already know (btw where have you been) clearly, there really is something in the water! In last week’s season premiere, Top International modelling heavyweights, Naomi Campbell, Nicole Trunfio and Cheyenne Tozzi battled it out to decide who will make it onto their teams and be mentored in this highly competitive modelling reality show.

Vivien’s Models: Sarah Tilleke and Ruth Willmer both make up part of #TeamNaomi (with quite the fight breaking out between Nicole and Naomi as to who got Sarah – Sarah eventually chose Naomi – not only a strategic move, but wise, as by the look of things, Naomi is clearly not someone to piss off – Go girl!) Fellow Vivien’s girl, Olivia Donaldson was chosen to be in #TeamCheynne. Chadwick Model: Anouska Freedman (featured in this post) and Scene Model: Shenika Rule, both represent #TeamNicole. Ulimately only one girl can become The Face Australia – so who will it be? The second episode of the series airs tonight on Fox8 at 6pm Perth time.

Watching these girls on TV is a bit of a trip for me after having worked with them all backstage over the years, so what better way to show you how truly gorgeous they are on the inside as well as out, than to share 5 minutes with each of them day by day for the next 5 days in this Style Voyeur exclusive!


Name: Anouska Freedman but almost everyone calls me Nush

Agency: Chadwick Models

Age: 19

Hometown: Perth

Current location: Perth

How did you get into modelling? I was at my local supermarket with my Mum and a lady came up to us and asked if I had ever considered modelling and suggested I give it a try. The next week I went into Chadwick modelling agency and started classes and loved it ever since then.

What was your first big break? Chadwick models used to do a catwalk show at the end of the year which showcased the work of the all students and they had age category winners. I was lucky enough to win my age category which meant I got signed. Getting into The Face Australia is my biggest modelling achievement to date.


What has been your favourite job so far? I really enjoyed Perth Fashion Festival in 2013 and I was lucky enough to open my first Show for Wildhorses! I also really enjoyed working with photographer Simon Pynt as he taught me a lot about movement, positioning and lighting.

What is your favourite thing about modelling? I love all the amazing people I have met through modelling, some of them becoming life long friends. I also love the feeling you get when you are in front of the camera, it gives me a buzz.

What is your ultimate beauty tip? I would definitely say try to make yourself feel good on the inside and always be positive as this always makes someone more beautiful. Also water is a life saver, so drink lots of it!

What are your ultimate travel essentials? When I travel I always make sure to wear my watch as I am someone that can be a little late haha. As well I love my travel socks, they have cats on them and they are awesome! My Nike free runs are also a life saver as they are comfortable and stylish.

What is the one piece of style advice you always follow? When in doubt, go the little black dress. It has more than once been my lifesaver!

What do you do to stay fit? I must say I am someone that loves to get up and go so I would say I have a fairly active lifestyle. I am a member at my Uni’s gym (UWA) and I also play a lot of netball. I also spend most of my time at the beach and I love surfing even though I never get any better at it!

What are your favourite labels? I really love Burberry and Zimmerman.

Who are your favourite designers? Natalie Donovan, the designer of Perth Brand Wild Horses and I also love Karl Lagerfeld.

Who is your favourite model/ inspiration? I would definitely say Cara Delevingne, she is a little wacky and wild just like me and I think she tests the boundaries in the fashion world and stirs things up a bit, which I love!

What inspires you generally? I know this is such a conventional answer, but I would have to say my parents. They are both incredibly hard working and always strive to do their best. Another person that I think is really inspirational is a Perth girl called Elizabeth Nolan, she runs her own business called Ginger and Pop as well as doing a million other things! Sometimes I don’t know how she does it!

What are your favourite hangouts in Perth? Definitely Trigg beach, its great to go to for a swim and to hang out with your friends. You can also walk up the road and go snorkelling at Mettams pool and get a great Milkshake from Cafe Yelo.

When you leave Perth, what do you miss most? I would have to say the beach, I can honestly say the WA beaches are my favourite in the world.

What are you currently listening to? I love the artist Frank Ocean, especially his song Lost.

What are you currently reading? The Hunger Games


What do you do to kill time between castings/ on shoots? All the girls at modelling are like a second family so we all usually just goof around, laughing usually helps to kill the time!

What are you wearing right now as you do this interview? Wearing my country road black and white striped shirt and leather shorts. As well as my Guess watch which is my favourite thing in the world because it helps keep me on time!

Where are you right now as you read this? Trying to finish a uni assignment but this is much more fun!

What were you doing right before this interview? As you can probably guess, I was at the beach hahaha

What’s in your handbag? Usually my keys (which is made up of about 10 key rings and my one house key because I always lose it), a bottle of water, my diary, usually a pair of bathers just in case and suncream because I have freckles and I get scared one day they will all join up and be one giant freckle on my nose.

What are some of your guilty pleasures? I must say I am addicted to chocolate, and that includes chocolate anything!

What are some of your biggest pet peeves? I really hate feet, I work in betts shoe shop which I love but sometimes I run alway from feet!!

Where do you see yourself in 5/10/20 years time? I hope to have done some travelling for modelling as well as hopefully have done some work experience in marketing and communications.

What is your ultimate end goal in life? To have somehow left my mark on the world. Also to have made as many people happy as I possibly can.


This or That… 

Heels or flats? Flatforms as they are a mix of in between

Coffee or tea? Neither, I don’t really like hot drinks

Eyeliner or mascara? Definitely mascara for them long lashes

Work or play? I think a mixture of both, you always enjoy the play more if you have worked first

Summer or winter? Definitely Summer, winter freaks me out a little bit.

Stripes or plaid? Stripes

Flip flops or sandals? Sandals

Scarves or hats? Hats, I may or may not have a small hat collection

Chocolate or vanilla? Chocolate all the way

Love or lust? Love

Clubs or Dinner? Both, dinner then clubs. Got to have food to keep you partying hard

Sleep in or get up early? Get up early, for the beach

City or country? Country

Night or Day? Both

Jimmy Hendrix or Jimmy Barns? Jimmy Hendricks

Fiction or Non Fiction? Fiction, its way more fun sometimes

DVDs or cinema? Cinema, its always better on the big screen, but sometimes I do enjoy a Disney movie marathon!

Water or Champagne? Water

Twitter or instagram? Instagram @nushfreedman

Image Credits: Shift Creative and Chadwick Model digitals

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