Chanel Shopping Centre by Nicolas Tavitian


On Tuesday morning, March 4th during Paris Fashion Week, the world’s fashion elite gathered at the Grand Palais for the Chanel Fall/Winter 2014 show like every other year. Unlike previous years, the Grand Palais was decked out for the Chanel Shopping Center — probably the only supermarket in the world to make the fashion industry weak at the knees.

Housing entirely Chanel-branded goods — including No. H20 Eau Minerale water, La Gabrielle bananas, and even grilled bread stamped with the fashion label’s eponymous logo of interlocking C’s— the supermarket soon sparked a looting-frenzy amongst its A-list guests, with security guards swooping in to make sure the thieves returned the goods before they left.

By now we’ve seen it spread across the interwebs like wild fire but this time, unlike any other, Style Voyeur’s Paris insider, Nicolas Tavitian takes us down the aisles, onto the shelves, into the grocery section and with his very own eyes (and lens), walks us through the wonder that was Chanel Shopping Centre – exclusively!

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All images courtesy of Parisian Fashion Illustrator, Nicolas Tavitian provided Exclusively to Style Voyeur

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