Adam Heath, Polo & Dion Lee


Adam Heath invited Style Voyeur to a cocktail party to meet the polo players from the upcoming Citigold Polo In The Valley and welcomed along Australian fashion designer, Dion Lee. All images in this post are courtesy of Songy Knox who absolutely nailed the SV vibe. How many beautiful people can fit in one building I ask? In case you’re wondering, pretty much everyone is wearing Dion Lee, go figure haha.

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I love a great detail pic that can only be captured in the perfect way without asking the subject if the photo can be taken

129_AdamHeath_DionLee_26466 139_AdamHeath_DionLee_26474 82_AdamHeath_DionLee_8080 7_AdamHeath_DionLee_8004

Australian designer, Dion Lee at Adam Heath boutique in Claremont Quarter

91_AdamHeath_DionLee_8089 164_AdamHeath_DionLee_8260 154_AdamHeath_DionLee_8250

I absolutely love this photograph. Without being mean, it really symbolises a lot to me. The want to be fashionable, the excess of fashion in general, new money vs old money, the idea that sometimes no matter how much we want something, it’s still not quite possible to achieve, yet those things we aspire to can sometimes form their own path and take you in an unexpected direction and there is still so much beauty in that. Something that, at first could feel quite ugly, ends up being quite beautiful, despite itself.

See more of Songy’s work here –

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