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I was invited backstage on Monday for opening night of Comic Strip at Fringe World in the Pleasure Garden – amongst the lanterns, feathers and soft soft skin – pleasure was to be had indeed! Comic Strip features Burlesque Queens, Miss Polly Rae, Kitty Bang Bang (from the UK) and Melbourne based stunner, Gypsy Wood, accompanied by their host, the oh so dapper and HILARIOUS, Asher Treleaven.

As we all know, I have been backstage numerous times in my life but never for a real life stage show. Behind the stage, behind the madness, the bedlam, the glitter and sparkle, Comic Strip was truly a backstage experience for me in every sense of the word. As Style Voyeur hung out amongst the world’s top players in the profession of Burlesque, it all felt rather new and intriguing to me. The Champagne fuelled sensuality of it all, the expensive costumes, the pristinely plucked trims, the hotness and pillowy powder puffs was a lot to behold but what really kept me grounded was the level of professionalism these ladies had. Their class was palpable and their complexions, oh so peachy.

Enjoy this post, what is undoubtedly the most scandalous and revealing in SV history to date but how very Style Voyeur indeed!


Lanterns galore at the entry to Fringe World’s Pleasure Garden. The Pleasure Garden is located within Russell Square, corner James Street and Parker Street, Northbridge and open from 12pm – late


BBQ anyone? This looked so yum and rather fitting for the show we were about to see, rather vintage looking if you ask me. Even the punters to the right look like they’re from another era


Kitty Bang Bang doing her hair before the show. Skills to pay the bills! These girls are total pros, I couldn’t believe how quickly they pulled together the most elaborate hair styles and costumes with only minutes to spare before curtain call. Skills that I’m sure are the envy of every budding showgirl out there. They aren’t called Burlesque Queens for nothin!


Layering lingerie, corsets and pasties, ain’t no thing for these ladies


Gypsy doing up her own corset whilst chatting with another performer, only at Fringe World I tell you! I felt like I was at the Circus, a very different backstage experience from what I’m used to. How fabulous! The floral hair piece was to die for but I didn’t manage to get a close up of it in all of the bedlam


Famous in the Burlesque world for a reason, after all




Pasties and bling, NBD

IMG_40611 IMG_40800

Gypsy Wood adding the final touches backstage minutes before curtain call


Gypsy Wood and Miss Polly Rae signing old school Burlesque memorabilia for fans after the show


Hundreds of Hawaiian lays at the entrance to the Artist Bar at The Bakery


The Artist Bar means just that, where the performers hang out after, before and not during their shows


The Bakery is looking rad at the moment, impressing the International guests for a bit of R&R between shows. Access is artist only, however if you manage to get friendly with one, their pass qualifies you as a plus one and comes with a buy one get one free at the bar. Mission accepted? Go get em folks!


The plus one of Perth filmmaker Antony Webb = Actor, Liam Graham, holding on for the love of an Artist pass at The Bakery Artist Bar


If you mail your wishes into these letterboxes, your dreams will come true but don’t get too close to the lobsters, they bite!


It’s all about chillin’, illin and D&M’s on and amongst beach paraphernalia at The Bakery Artist Bar


The host of Comic Strip, Asher Treleaven AKA The Melbourne International Comedy Festival Critics Choice Award Winner is also doing his own stand-up show called ‘Smaller Poorer Weaker Cheaper’ at the Salon Perdu from 11 Feb to 16th Feb to explain why being an asshole is bad for the economy and being good is good for everyone. Laughs ensue!

Buy tickets to Comic Strip and all other Fringe shows, including Asher Treleaven’s, from:

Follow Fringe on instagram @fringeworldperth

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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