Naked Minds – Curtin University Fashion & Textile Graduation Show – Part 1


Last night Curtin University Fashion & Textiles students had their graduation show and I was lucky enough to have the one and only Songy Know capture all the front row and backstage action exclusively for Style Voyeur. If you are a student designer and would like you name credited for your design comment below

NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-0063 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-0054 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-0069 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-0075 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-0107 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-0098 Naked_Mind_Jessica_Lauren_Moro_Curtin_2013_26875 Naked_Mind_Jessica_Lauren_Moro_Curtin_2013_26939 Naked_Mind_Jessica_Lauren_Moro_Curtin_2013_26971

I just loved the jewelled crowns, very Dolce and Gabanna inspired

Naked_Mind_Jessica_Lauren_Moro_Curtin_2013_26990 Naked_Mind_Kezia_Soedjono_Curtin_2013_27157 Naked_Mind_Kezia_Soedjono_Curtin_2013_27250 Naked_Mind_Kezia_Soedjono_Curtin_2013_27283 Naked_Mind_Kezia_Soedjono_Curtin_2013_27299 Naked_Mind_Kezia_Soedjono_Curtin_2013_27332 Naked_Mind_Laura_Vlais_Curtin_2013_27147

Part 2 coming soon!

All images courtesy of Songy Knox –

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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