Naked Minds – Curtin University Fashion & Textile Grad Show – Part 2


My favourite picks from the second half of Curtin University’s Fashion & Textile Design Graduation show. A job well done!

NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-27564 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-27811 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-27955 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28002 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-27965 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28026 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28151 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28251 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28268 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28282 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28289 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28393 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28500 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28609 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-28726 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-29490 NakedMind-Curtin-Graduates-2013-29525

All runway images courtesy of Songy Knox –

If you are one of the student designers and want to be credited above, comment here or message me on the Style Voyeur Facebook page.

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‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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