ECU Fashion & Textile Design Grad Show – Jiva Stemmata


I was lucky enough to hang backstage at the ECU Fashion & Textile Design Graduation show and as always with these events, I am continuously on the hunt for the diamond in the rough amongst the student designers. A harsh saying you may think but true none the less and this year at ECU’s Jiva Stemmata show there were certainly a few diamonds to be found. The stand out though, shining brighter than bright was Teagan Jacobs! Her dance inspired collection was a true hit and made me nostalgic for all the costumes I wore as a child doing ballet. Usually the word ‘costume’ in fashion is an insult but not in this case. Jacobs makes me want to dance along the streets in her very wearable collection. The images she presented to compliment the collection were also incredibly beautiful and capture the essence of what she stands for – I don’t even feel the need to explain what ‘that’ is, I feel the pictures capture all that needs to be said. Look below, it is plain to see we have some serious emerging talent in this town. Well done!


Pieces by Teagan Jacobs, above and below.

IMG_35588 moanna

Pieces by Moana Van Kampen


Model Narcisa backstage

IMG_35533 IMG_3624-copy IMG_3472

Evelyn wears dress by Meg-Isabella Hewett and model below wears the same designer

IMG_35011 IMG_3587

Evelyn plays up for the camera wearing Teagan Jacobs

IMG_3477 IMG_3651

Above and below, models wearing Jessica Reeves

IMG_3660 IMG_3523

A look by Moana Van Kampen – above & below

IMG_3499 IMG_3545

Emily wears a wreath by Moana Van Kampen

IMG_3636 IMG_36222 t

Imagery of Teagan Jacobs work above & below


Congratulations to all the students involved! You did a fabulous job!

If any of the designers I have missed would like to be credited, comment below or message me on the Style Voyeur Facebook page.

‘Til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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