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Students of Fashion and Textile Design at the Central Institute of Technology showed their graduate collections, entitled ‘The Graduates’ last week to friends, family and industry personnel and while I was busy shooting a TVC, I was lucky enough to have renowned runway photographer, Songy Knox photograph the event for me.

Of the 90 looks presented on the runway, it was almost impossible to edit down for a post, however after much deliberation I have managed to choose my favourite looks from the PICA runway and would like to congratulate the graduating student designers on this very eclectic and creative showcase. We certainly have a new crop of adventurous designers coming out of Perth. There was NOTHING commercial about these collections but if you’re not innovating while at fashion school then you probably never will and that’s what we want to see – outlandish ideas explored on student runways. I look forward to seeing them all grow and enter the market with more wearable and refined looks that will further enhance our WA fashion industry. Well done to all!

Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7326 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-28359 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7363 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7097 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-28411 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7537 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-28667 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-28647 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-28546 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7295 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-28455 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7829 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7314 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-28689 Central_Institute_The_Graduates_2013-7526

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