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Do you have clothes with tags on you’ve never worn? Do you have a wardrobe crammed full of stuff but still have nothing to wear? Have you returned clothes you regret buying? Then make it your business to come down to The State Theatre Centre of WA tomorrow for the AHM Fashion Exchange event. Style Voyeur will be there to help you pick out must-have items to update your wardrobe!

Perth: Saturday 16 November

The State Theatre Centre of WA

Attendance at the ahm Fashion Exchange events is free but places are limited; pre-registration is available at ahmfashionexchange.com.au.

Early bird check in and clothes drop is available from 10am – 12pm. Consumers can exchange clothes for free between 12pm – 3pm.


What is ahm?

ahm is an online private health insurance brand designed for online savvy customers. Unlike other health insurance brands, it offers a combined extras limit so customers can claim more of the things they actually use and less on the things they don’t – meaning less waste.

What is the ahm Fashion Exchange?

ahm Fashion Exchange is a series of national clothing swap events, allowing people to swap pre loved clothes they no longer wear for other’s treasures whilst having fun with their friends, gaining a great bargain and reducing waste in the process.

Shoppers bring up to six pieces of clothing they used to love but now don’t wear. A token will be received for each, then these tokens are used to shop the swaps. Attendees can expect to find everything from designer garments, high street basics and vintage clothing to accessories, some still with the tags on.


What will be happening at the event?

• Style Voyeur will welcome swappers and be offering style advice throughout the day

• A special photo booth area has been set up to allow swappers to take photos of themselves against the backdrop of a catwalk and upload them to their social media feeds

• Swappers will be searching the racks and swapping all day

• There will be a special social media competition to win a $500 debit card – all people have to do is take pictures from the event and #fashionexchange


New research reveals the average Australian only wears a third (32%) of their clothes and has 104 items in their wardrobe they never wear; yet the majority (87%) still struggle to find something to put on each day.

Boots may be made for walking, but many aren’t leaving the wardrobe, with the average Australian having 10 pairs of boots and shoes they don’t wear – women 12 and men 7. These unworn items cost on average $70 each, but some Australians are spending over $1,000 on one item of clothing that never leaves the hanger.


Style commentator and advocate of the ahm Fashion Exchange events, Paula Joye of Sydney’s Lifestyled says: “It’s not unusual for people to have clothes in their wardrobes they don’t wear – even with tags still on them – but over 100 items as the average is astounding. If you work out how much money you spend on clothes you haven’t worn it’s frightening.

The ahm Fashion Exchange events are a great way of re-purposing fashion. You exchange unworn items from your wardrobe for pieces you like in another. It’s like raiding your best friend’s wardrobe. Waste less, shop more and look fabulous – all for free.”

Fashion Exchange events still to come around the country

Melbourne: Saturday 23 November

Thousand Pound Bend

• Melbourne’s Chloe Ting from Chloe’s Addiction will be Style Consulting on the day


Adelaide: Saturday 30 November

Queens Theatre

• Adelaide’s Emily Berlin from Adelaide Style File will welcome guests

More information on the events, dates and locations can be found HERE

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