140 Art


Pippa McManus’ work on Wellington Street, Perth


Last week I was invited to attend a rare showcase at one40william where the retail building ‘140’ was transformed into a large-scale canvas for 12 Australian artists who were commissioned to create their works re-imaginging shop fronts in and around the Wellington, William and Murray Street mall. 140’s Marketing Manager and the brainchild behind this innovative collaboration, entitled ‘140 Art’, where food, art and fashion collide is Kristi Dempster who enlisted Form Gallery to help nurture the artists through the project.

This project marks the beginning of an inspired journey to transform the CBD based property into a destination where food, art and fashion collide. The redesign will incorporate a permanent art package that will connect the architecture to physical spaces that people will want to explore and be part of. The artists include: Amok Island, Andrew Frazer, Andy Quilty, Anya Brock, Ian Mutch, Joseph Boin, Michelle Leslie, Phibs, Pippa McManus, Rebecca Wetzler, Sara Winfield and Tess Bury. Congratulations to all involved and for your work in helping to make Perth a super rad, culturally inspired place to live!


Amazing cocktails by Cocktail Gastronomy – the same people who did my recent INSIDE STYLE VOYEUR doco launch event. You know you’re in for a treat when they are providing the catering and beverages, yum! First we were treated to these delicious mojito cocktails, followed by some sort of incredibly smooth orange and red concoction (that’s what I’m calling it and I’m sticking to it!) I will have to find out the name.


Werk it!


The beautiful Bernardine Grigson who sang for us. She was incredibly non-offensive as an event singer, I just loved it! I would hire her in a New York minute for my next event!


Fashion Illustrator and Artist, Pippa McManus discussing her work in front of guests who were taken on a stroll around the one40william building outskirts


Form Gallery host discussing the works – here she talks with Anya Brock about her colourful piece. This looks amazing along William Street, you can’t miss it!


Light reflecting through Anya Brock’s piece on William Street


They were gluten city but looked sooooo yum! Pulled pork burgers. OMG!


Everyone listening to Form Gallery discuss the works – here and below is a piece by artist – Joseph Boin who collaborated with The Butcher Shop peeps on my favourite piece of street art at 140

IMG_2241 IMG_2325

The Form Gallery representative who hosted the event and discussed each of the pieces with guests and Kristi Dempster of 140 – well done ladies! An amazing contribution to Western Australian art


Ooooh! Pippa shows us what’s between her legs – more Pippa! Haha


Sara Winfield with her work


Fashion Stylist Andrea Tonkin in front of the Nandos shop front piece by artist Ian Mutch


Tess Bury with her work for Ali Baba salon


What’s The Goh blogger Andrea Goh, Samuel England of NOTORIOUS F.A.G. and Pippa McManus peruse the work by Phibs


Caitlin Hughes of Zebra Creative – who were responsible for the 140 graphic design – here takes some snaps on her phone, none the wiser that I’m snapping her. Snap! Nice jacket babe


We all got gifted our very own vase of real roses, too cute! Thanks to 140 Perth and Peach & Pineapple Co for organising this incredible event!

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