TAFE SA Fashion Graduate Parade


Finesse model Tom wears his own clothes backstage, waiting patiently before the show

I have just spent the weekend in South Australia for Adelaide Fashion Festival courtesy of a referral from Perth PR, David Gardiner. Adelaide’s Empire PR, fronted by the beautiful Biela McMillan, along with Brand South Australia and Adelaide Fashion Festival sent a select few bloggers to the state for closing night of their 6th AFF and I was lucky enough to be one of them. I arrived mid-day on Friday and was told at the Hotel Richmond check-in that I was the first of us, the rest would be arriving Saturday for closing night only. I was invited to attend the TAFE graduate show that evening – something I was thrilled about and the perfect coverage for Style Voyeur, which really started as a platform for me to showcase emerging designers’ wares. Everyone said it would be a great show, that is was the only fashion school in the state and after 3 years of hard work by the 24 student designers, the expectations were high and the anticipation, rife. I was highly impressed by their work and so glad I got to attend! Enjoy!


I got so excited when I saw what the flash picked up in this photo – I asked this model if she was a Belieber  (Urban Dictionary: Belieber – one who is an obsessive fan of Justin Bieber – I am a Belieber because i respect Justin Bieber and I believe in him.) – because it certainly looks like it.. Alas she isn’t and refused to let me tell you all that she is. Ironically to her, it would have been a lot cooler if she was #justsayin’


Model on the rise and fresh face Rowan Jessie who poses here for me after informing me his hair had been re-done and so I should take more photos haha – trust me, I wasn’t complaining. A male model who actually likes modelling = WIN for mother agency Finesse Models, Adelaide (where all the models in this post come from). Frockwriter posted about him yesterday here – Frockwriter’s Patty Huntington was going to be attending the festival, along with myself, Josh Flinn and Gemma Watts from couturing.com as the bloggers sent from interstate to cover the closing night show but unfortunately she was unwell. I would have loved to pick her brain but we had a fabulous time all the same when Josh and Gemma in town on the Saturday.


Cooper Davis ‘Our Diana In Babylon’ collection – above, below and under. Wild!

IMG_1036 IMG_10255c IMG_1123

Alexandra Gounas


Rose Finlay


Roxanne Walker – above and below

IMG_1207 IMG_1237 IMG_1226

Group Love wearing Hannah Virgo-Colbey


Boys wearing Vanessa Romeo and model centre wears, Victoria Bailey


As a complete unknown to everyone backstage, after some persuading and my usual bossiness, the models opened up to me and gave generously for the camera! Pose it up before you hit the runway, time is $$ 😛 The girls are wearing Caitlin Brownridge and the boys, Hannah Virgo-Colbey


Nadia Braiotta – above & below

IMG_1258 IMG_1275

Not my thing but why not, there is something I like about this photo. They are wearing Sofia Gatti


This collection was very etherial and under the circumstances, finished beautifully. It could have really fallen short in the construction which I would usually expect from a designer this ‘pretty’ at a grad show and that really would have been terrible for the finished product but it overall it was a job well done for Abby Potter’s ‘Wanderlust’ collection. Above, below and bottom

IMG_1294 IMG_1295

Love a model who werks the camera! This girl was rad.

More to come on Adelaide Fashion Festival very soon!

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