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Desert Designs was one of my favourite shows, juxtaposing a modern look with traditional prints and clashing pops of colour with fluro tribal make-up for their showcase as part of PFF’s The National Showcase. It was funny seeing this make-up and styling being done because last year I costume designed a feature film, THESE FINAL HOURS, which recently had it’s Melbourne International Film Festival debut and I did so many costumes on over 300 extras with a similar vibe and aesthetic to what Desert Designs showcased at their PFF show this week. Fluro-tribal Coachella, I called it. I was so sick of the idea by the time we finished filming, it started to feel really unoriginal to me and I worried that I had been too much ‘of the time’ for a film that won’t make it’s cinema debut until 2014… So it was awesome to see what this hip, newly revived label out of NSW did with their show. Now that some time has passed I can see there is ALWAYS  a place for hyper coloured clashing prints and bold splashes of fluro make-up when one is in the right mood, the cool kids clearly still think so and the way Desert Designs presented their highly original indigenous textiles and individual pieces all mixed together was refreshing, new feeling and incredibly innovative for a label born out of Fremantle Prison in the 1980’s.

As far as the indigenous element goes, I was a bit sceptical at first about the ‘story’ behind the label and their Aboriginal roots but after speaking with their PR, Matt Jordan of Sydney’s Mother & Father, doing a bit of my own research and getting the full brief from one half of the design duo, Caroline Sundt-Wells, I am convinced of their purity in reviving this culturally sensitive brand started by artist Jimmy Pike and Jedda Daisy-Culley’s father, Stephen Culley. To read the full story, click here…


Sudanese model, Ayor Makur Chuot looking divine in Australian Aboriginal prints


This is one of the few dresses still available for purchase on their website, get in quick! Details at the bottom


Designer Caroline Sundt-Wells and friend with models wearing the new Desert Designs collection. Co-designer Jedda-Daisy Culley didn’t make the trip over to WA


Fluro make-up being applied by PFF exclusive make-up partner, artist and owner Bev of Lauren Wood – above & below

IMG_94134 IMG_9338

Non-model James walked the catwalk for the first time for Desert Designs


Desert Designs is notorious for its beautiful silk scarves


It was frantic backstage to get everyone ready on time so I had to stand way out of the way while all the other bloggers were kicked out and zoom in to get any shots. Here Ebony Hunter getting prepped in a mad dash between changes. For some reason the rule of tights-as-pants doesn’t apply here. This is too cute!

IMG_94099 IMG_9425

Indigenous/Norwegian model, Hannah Collard backstage


Designer Caroline Sundt-Wells and a friend who came to Perth to help the designer celebrate their runway debut at Perth Fashion Festival backstage


SHOP the collection HERE

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