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Australian designers Daniel Romanin and Nikolina Ergic presented their Spring Summer 2014 collection to 80 VIPs at the old carillon city cinema on Tuesday night. Top model Bambi Northwood-Blyth (above) was flown in from over east to open the show and as no surprise what so ever to me, the new collection was just incredible! I absolutely love the new prints, seeing floral by this pair was certainly unexpected and most definitely a well received addition, as were the wearable racer back dresses with sequin detailing. The prints in general, the rich colours, the new shapes, the textural finishes and the remaining One Fell Swoop signature drapery in luxe fabrics, were inspired. Hair was by the ever brilliant, Head Studio and make-up by Ash Baroque. I loved the black streaks in the model’s hair buns, very cool and I imagine, hard to do.


Daniel and Nina of One Fell Swoop with Bambi after the show

The venue was a highlight for the fashion crowd who are so used to seeing the same faces and places at these such events – so congratulations to all involved for pulling this one out of their hat! Hopefully others can utilise this beautiful space after the work they put in to making it sound for an event.

The after party at Moana Chambers was a fabulous affair! Complete with the most decadent selection of cheeses, chocolates, grapes and everything you could think of that goes on to a poppy seed cracker from European Foods – the designer Daniel himself managed to put this together between dressing the models. The way that boy presents selections of food is a sure testament to the way he presents everything else he puts his hand to – impeccably! And no duo is better made than one who has a strong and hugely talented woman at the helm. A massive congratulations to both Daniel and Nina for such a successful showcase! If you don’t know the label, seriously get on that horse. Follow them here and enjoy my shots from backstage during the show!


Getting photos backstage was incredibly hard because the entire space was made up of steps and hair and make-up was being frantically finished with terrible lighting so I was in everyone’s way. Event producer, Jacqui Brown did warn me it was a tight space and she wasn’t kidding but I am SO lucky to be allowed that privilege and so glad I managed to get some great shots. I ended up moving out of this space to a room where the models waited after walking the catwalk before the finale, so that was a lot better


Hair by Head Studio

IMG_6782 IMG_6710 IMG_6739

The Old Carillon City Cinema space


Goodie bags on the seats before guests arrive. Truffle olive oil and Chinotto, yes please!

IMG_6802 IMG_6662 IMG_6790 IMG_6706 IMG_66722 IMG_67699 IMG_66755 IMG_6723 IMG_6720 IMG_6699 IMG_6700 IMG_6668 IMG_6707 IMG_6815 IMG_6828-copy IMG_6819 1 IMG_6854

These are the moments I really live for. The models all walking bare feet to the elevator to go back up to the hair and make-up section above Carillon office tower


Bye for now…

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