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There have been so many amazing posts to do since my return to Perth from Melbourne that I have had to keep these little beauties patiently waiting in my computer. Glad to finally let them free and into your arms. Here are some street style snaps from the streets of Melbourne. The Italian woman above is possibly my best street style find ever and she did not understand a word of English, yet when I held up my camera she instantly struck a pose. Chic personified. Enjoy!


A florist who just happened to be rearranging the tulips outside her Little Collins Street floral boutique exactly when I wandered by


Randomly stumbled down this alleyway and found a bride and groom about to have their professional wedding photos


Wedding photography Melbourne stylzz


The tights and shoes of a girl working at Pet Shop Girls, an awesome store that makes up part of the awesome Curtin House, the ‘vertical laneway’ off Swanston Street in the city


A rare beauty at Alice Euphemia – Shop 6, 37 Swanston St, Cnr  Flinders Lane and Swanston


My favourite alleyway, Central Place. I sat here for so long, on so many days people watching

IMG_5895 IMG_5865

Boys down Central Place


I took this photo sort of by accident in Fitzroy but just love how the bubbo and dad are pulling the exact same face haha. Don’t they just look like the quintessential Melbournian family


I wasn’t allowed to take photos in the most amazing florist in Fitzroy because they fear people ripping off their presentation but managed to spot this career woman getting her regular bunch as I was being kicked out the door. Not a total waste!


Melbourne is freezing. Freezing! This mother/daughter duo know how to roll


Fab at any age


I hadn’t been to Melbourne for ages before this trip. I don’t really know why because I have an Uncle and cousin living there so it is crazy how long it had been. I got to view the city with fresh eyes. This trip made me come to the realisation that Melbourne IS Frankie Magazine – with regards to the fashions on the street and for sale in most of the stores – of a younger demographic that is – generally speaking, of course. And as some of you may know, there is truly NOTHING I hate more in regards to ‘fashion’ than Frankie Magazine and all who laud it. It’s nothing personal against the publication really, it’s just that if my upbringing could be cast down into a matter of pages in print, it would look EXACTLY like the pages of Frankie Magazine. Hippy, twee, organic, raw, natural, hippy, knitting…you catch my drift. So it is only natural (no pun intended) that I rebel against this (sickeningly sweet) aesthetic. I am all for caring for the environment, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a fine Egyptian cotton blend. I vote Green every election. Anyway the moral of the story is that it was really hard to avoid the Frankie plague everywhere I went in Melbourne and so I am quite proud that I managed to pull together a few anti-Frankie posts, apart from the above image which probably is Frankie in a nutshell but surely one is allowed. He’s clearly a creative sorting his shit out and in an alleyway, whilst sitting on a crate and drinking CHEAP coffee. That’s something worth capturing if you ask me


A rare sighting in the “Paris end of town” right near where I was staying at The Stamford Plaza on Little Collins Street. This chick was on Exhibition Street and I zoomed my lens rather far ahead of me instead of running to catch up with her (hence the quality) as my legs were too tired from ALL THE GOD DAMN WALKING in Melbourne. Over it! My pelvis still hurts. Yeah, I’m getting old 🙁


Apparently you’re not meant to take photos in TopShop. Before being told this…


You’re probably not meant to take photos at the Tom Ford counter in David Jones either but it helps when the staff are this stunning


I don’t know her but I liked her. I haven’t mastered the skill of running after people while they move in shots yet

IMG_5413 IMG_5349

Slightly Frankie but I love the colours and LOVE the cafe at the city Library where this photo was taken


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Here I’m wearing a beanie by I Love Mr Mittens, Vintage Mallrats t-shirt and leather bomber jacket, Dangerfield pom pom scarf and gloves, mens flanny wrapped around waist from Target and a million layers under all of that, that make me look like I have a food baby.

‘Til next time gang,

xxxxx SV xxxxx


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