PICA Salon Vernissage


ARE YOU REALLY HAPPY, a neon work (above) featuring Jeppe Hein’s own handwriting – sold for it’s auction reserve price of $10,000 on the night.

I was lucky enough to attend PICA Salon Vernissage on Saturday night and boy am I glad I did! The PICA gallery space looked incredible all painted in black and the ante was definitely upped this year, not only because of their impeccable catering, the service offered by staff and the quality of the artwork on sale and for auction – but  because of the vibe in the room that can only be described as a cool factor that combined the meaning of terms edgy/street/chic/high-end and exciting all in one. We could have easily been in a prestigious New York gallery looking at some of the world’s best artworks but in fact we were in Perth looking at 24 WA artist’s works that I highly recommend you seeing in person! Cool factor x 1000.

The exhibition is open to the public from July 21st – 18th August. A must see!

Check out my images from the exclusive opening night soiree.


My good friends Paul and Grant checking out the rather interesting and bizarre Ross Manning installation piece. Love me a good mirror reflection shot 😉


Michelle looking like a stunning work of art in her Japanese inspired Vivienne Westwood gown and Dries Van Noten wedges.


A chic onlooker perusing one of two works by my favourite artist on the night.

IMG_5173 IMG_5169

This was my favourite piece by an artist named Tony Nathan. I don’t know why, I think it is because I am from the hills of Roleystone and the brick reminds me of what it looks like in the hills. I just love it. Funnily enough I told this to one of the guests, the arts advisor of Rio Tinto who informed me that the rock is indeed from a similar area near Gosnells, below the Darling Range, WA.

IMG_5240 IMG_5279

PICA staff all clad in Vivienne Westwood (above & below) courtesy of Dilettante

IMG_5241 IMG_5258 IMG_5205 IMG_5272-copy

Aurelio Costarella’s right hand man, the ever gorgeous Paul O’Connor with a sculpture by Geoffry Drake-Brockman

IMG_5223 IMG_5213

More PICA staff in Westwood, dressed by Dilettante. There was probably more Westwood on display in the one room that night than there is in any one given place across Australia at the moment. Fabulous!


My housemate Luke peeking into the Ross Manning mirrored piece.


I saw this piece and thought how well it would go in a John Lautner home. See my previous post on Lautner here…

IMG_52188 IMG_5266

PICA’s Jo Malone


Luke and Paul


What a bunch of spunks (and a rather eccentric artist – third from left). Tane, Michelle, Patrick and Luke


This is what happens when the camera gets turned back on me = attitude central, oh dear! For some unknown reason when I looked through my camera after this event I discovered more images of me than ever before and I do not remember handing my camera over to anyone, so it is a mystery unsolved as to who took them but I am guessing Paul or Grant. As always, I refrain from showing you myself in every single possible way, shape and form, like so many other bloggers do because I find that so boring but I thought this one was too funny not to share. Unfortunately I feel sorry for everyone other than me in this photo – it appears as though I am strangling the girl on the left who I believe is a rather important artist and the other two were the lovely cloakroom staff on the night who obviously were forced to tolerate me. How cute does this boy look in his Westwood get up! It was my favourite of them all!

‘Til next time sexies,

xxx SV xxx


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