John Lautner Part 2


John Lautner’s Wolff House exterior (1961), Hollywood Hills, LA – above & below


Wolff House Interior


The top level of Wolff House above. I think this one is my favourite!


The underground sitting room after its recent refurbishment. The underground rock feature is just incredible.


An older image of the sitting room before the new owner changed some of the decor, leaving the original couch in place as seen above


The huge scale Arango House ‘Casa Marbrisa’ (1973) Acapulco, Mexico below


The incredible exterior backyard with water feature/infinity pool – to die for!


For the Iron Man films, production designer Michael Riva and concept artist Phil Saunders based the design of Tony Stark’s mansion on Lautner’s architecture. The exteriors of the building (a series of computer-generated images which were digitally composited into location photos of Point Dume State Preserve in Malibu) are strongly reminiscent of Silvertop and Marbrisa (above), fancifully blending many of Lautner’s “signature” elements including the dramatic cliff-side location, large expanses of glass, classic “California split-level” layout and sinuous, organic lines. (Wikipedia)

JL-Hammer-2 aa.lautner.beyer.color.porch

I cannot place this piece of architecture from Lautner, below but it is ART and I had to include it. Just incredible!

interior1small john-lautner-walstrom-house_01

Walstrom House (1969), Santa Monica Hills, LA – above & below


Walstrom House Interior – above & below

john-lautner-walstrom-house_03 elrod-house-exterior

Elrod House (1968) Palm Springs, California – above, below & bottom


Elrod House was used as the set for the James Bond film ‘Diamonds Are Forever’. This section of the house above is on the side of the house guest’s living quarters


Not your average porch, Elrod House


A vintage image of the same room/view


Elrod Exterior 


Elrod House exterior (above – a modern image of the infinity pool & below – a vintage reference) 


These vintage images are such a testament to how advanced Lautner was for his time, they are still so chic and modern today. Such timeless beauty. Interiors play a huge part in Lautner’s designs


An interior room at Hotel Lautner, originally designed (1947) Palm Springs, California


An interior room at Lautner’s Foster Carling Residence


Above is another unknown space, just love it!


The Bob Hope Lautner House (1973) located within a private, gated community in Palm Springs, California. 


It is one of the largest and most visually striking of Lautner’s domestic designs and is sometimes referred to as the ‘Volcano House’ In February 2013 the residence was put on the market for $50Million


An internal/external shot of the Hope Lautner design – above & below

bob-hope-john-lautner-roof aa.pearlman.latner.vert.hammer.x

The Carl and Agnes Pearlman Cabin (1957), Middleridge Drive, Idyllwild-Pine Cove, California. It was later transferred to Pearlman’s daughter, Nancy who opens it up for visitors a few times a year


Pearlman House Interior


Turner House (1962), Aspen Colorado


An interior shot of Lautner’s Turner home above

This is such a great reference if you’d like to see MORE JOHN LAUTNER HOMES

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