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Tom Bull has been a crushworthy subject of mine since Style Voyeur’s inception, so when New York based Guest Blogger, Whitney Chalmers contacted me with the idea of shooting Tom and Tia at home together in New York City…well you can guess what I said. NO! IT’S NOT FAIR!!! These two together, It’s too much to handle! I don’t want to sicken girls around the world, including myself on a ‘couples’ story about one of the hottest male models on the planet and his beautiful girlfriend. The thought of Tom Bull finally off the market….it was a lot to take in. Then I took a moment, put my jaded and bitter self to the side and considered what it would be like to take a sneak peek inside their NYC lives and in true voyeur-style, re-considered. OF COURSE I had to say yes!

WARNING: Hearts are about to be broken!

Style Voyeur Guest blogger, Whitney Chalmers brings us this post all the way from New York City… below words and interview by Whitney for SV.

Just over the Williamsburg Bridge, I make my way to the water for a shoot at one of the many new high-rise buildings springing up around Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Today I’m bringing Style Voyeur readers an inside look at a day of dress up with Australian grown, New York based international model, Tom Bull and his fantastic girlfriend with beauty and brains – Engineer/Model, Tia Hayes.

With the help of my friend, Victor Tortch, a fashion and editorial photographer, we shot for a total of six hours capturing the many looks of Tom and Tia at their new home in Brooklyn.


I used a mixture of pieces, a delicious Ruth Tarvydas dress called French Kiss paired with some heels and jewelry from Saks Fifth Avenue gifted by Tom and enjoyed by the pair with scotch sans rocks. Tia is understated sexy with an effortless flair, her fantastic sequin skinny pants paired with a striped blazer came out for some pool. Tom’s a brand loyal kind of a guy. With a closet that he reckons changes every few months when he gets bored, some sentimental pieces always hang amongst the rest. His AXIOM sweater was given to him by one of his good mates, Australian professional body boarder turned designer – Josh Garner. Later the jetsetter gear is in full effect and Tom is pulling out the big guns, an amazing Cole Haan duffle bag. Tia is of course ever stylish in her leather jacket paired with a faux-fur vest on top to transcend this outfit from day to night.

By this point I should have expected what I found, an extensive luxury spa area with a huge pool, Jacuzzi and waterfall. To top it all off, you can enjoy a nice refreshing dip while taking in the impeccable Manhattan island views. The two are so at ease with one another. It’s clear to see why they are a dynamic duo. A huge thank you to the lovely couple for spending the day with Victor and I to capture the beauty in their lives and especially their closets!


Name… Tom Bull

Age… 21+

Hometown… Perth, WA

Current City… Brooklyn, NY

What do you do…. Model

How long have you been modeling…. 4 years

How long have you been living in New York…. NYC 18 months, Milan 6 months, London 6 months

When did you move to New York and why… July 2011, New York is the epicentre of the fashion industry and luckily, it is a necessity for my profession

How long have you been in your line of work… Internationally for 2 and a half years, although I’ve been rocking PFF’s (Perth Fashion Festivals) for 4

What’s the dress code for work… I don’t have one, but lately I’ve been wearing double monk strap shoes, colored pants (cream, burgundy, blue…), a trench coat and anything from a singlet to a dress shirt


Have you always lived in Brooklyn since you’ve been in New York… No, I had brief periods in the financial district and east village. And now I’m in Williamsburg I never look back

What do you do with your free time when you’re not working… Golf, road trips, fly south during winter

What’s the best part about doing your job in New York… A lot of friends come through New York and a lot of clients around the world book out of New York

Do most of your friends in New York work in creative fields… Mostly, my mate Isaac Hindin-Miller has a fashion blog, Ljubo Golic also from Perth, is studying film at NYU, Greg Lewis (also from Perth) is a photographer… there are a few model peeps and then a few 9-5ers

Do you think your style has changed or evolved in any way by being in NY…  What I thought was my most stylish outfit on my first trip abroad, was my dads oversized suit, with a blue shirt and yellow tie. When my agent started laughing at me I quickly realised I had some ‘evolving’ to do, and over the years I’ve learnt a thing or two. I’ve got a lot more variety in my wardrobe now, I haven’t lost my Australian surfy dress sense but I’m inclined to rock different outfits pending the occasion

What’s your favorite staple item in your closet… My £12 Reindeer one-sie from Primark

How did you and Tia get together… Perth Fashion Festival


Do you ever do romantic things together or for each other… I think Tia moving to New York was pretty romantic

Favorite place of all time in New York City… The ferry ride along the river

Favorite street in New York… Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

Did you guys do anything for Australia Day in NY… We had just moved into our new place, so a bunch of Aussies and a few wanna be’s (kiwis) came around, we streamed the triple J top hunge, and drank the American equivalent of Emu Export

Do timezones make it difficult to stay in touch with your Aussie friends and family… Yep

Do you think being in a new city has made you a closer couple… Yeh, we get to experience an entirely new culture together



Subway or Cab… Depends how many drinks

Work or play… Bit of both maaate

Love or Lust… Love

Mexican or Italian… Italian, -La Nonna’s on Bedford Avenue, Williamsburg

Snow or Beach… Perth dog beach

Night Club or quiet dinner… Loud dinner

Sleep in or Get up early… Get up early

City or Country… Country

Night or Day… Night

Coffee or cake… Juice

Jimmy Hendricks or Jimmy Barns… Jimmy Hendricks

Fiction or non-fiction… Harry Potter

DVDs or Cinema… Cinema

Bourbon or Champagne… Bourbon – Larceny (California)

Twitter or Instagram… Instagram @bulltom


Name… Tia Hayes

Age… 21+

Hometown… Perth, WA

Current City… Brooklyn ,NY

What do you do…. Civil/Highway Engineer


How long have you been modeling… I have been modeling for about six years but I don’t do as much these days as I’m focusing on my career

How long have you been living in New York… About 6 months

When did you move to New York and why… I moved here about 6 months ago. Tom had been living here for about a year and luckily I could work here in my profession and NYC has been my favorite city for a long time

How long have you been in your line of work… 4 years

What’s the dress code for work… Business dress. I mainly wear pencil skirts and blouses, or dresses, with heels. Steel capped boots and safety vests when I’m on site though!

Have you always lived in Brooklyn since you’ve been in New York… Yes, I am currently in my second apartment in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) since I moved here

What do you do with your free time when you’re not working… Explore the city, road trips out of the city, shopping

What’s the best part about doing your job in New York… I get to work on some large, complex projects – the highways here are massive. A few weeks ago I had a meeting about construction of the World Trade Centre site!


Do you think your style has changed or evolved in any way by being in NY… Yes, now I wear goose down coats and snow boots, and I never leave the house without tights under my jeans!

What’s your favorite staple item in your closet? Black Lee Licks jeans, I bought 2 pairs because they fit so well

How did you and Tom get together… We met at Perth Fashion Festival a few years ago

Do you ever do romantic things together or for each other… Yeah we often have weekend getaways together (the Hamptons, Barcelona, Miami). But the most romantic was when Tom turned up on my doorstep in June last year when I thought he was in London for work

Favorite place of all time in New York City… The River Café in Brooklyn. It’s right underneath the Brooklyn Bridge and has amazing city views. Tom and I go there on special occasions for the best oysters and wine

Favorite street in New York… Kent Avenue, Williamsburg. Both of my apartments have been on this street so it’s home to me, and it’s right next to the river with amazing views of the Manhattan skyline

Do timezones make it difficult to stay in touch with your Aussie friends and family… Yeah it does, it’s 13 hours difference. But when I’m waking up my family are home from work and when I’m going home from work my family are waking up, so we talk a lot at those times

Do you think being in a new city has made you a closer couple… Definitely, we do lots of activities together and share lots of new experiences together



Subway or Cab… Subway. It’s often a lot faster to get around the city by Subway rather than by taxi

Work or play… Play

Love or Lust… Love

Mexican or Italian… Italian – Grimaldi’s pizza is to die for. Although the Mexican food here is fantastic

Snow or Beach… Beach. I’m really missing it at the moment

Night Club or quiet dinner… Bar

Sleep in or Get up early… Get up early, I can’t really sleep in past 8am

City or Country… City

Night or Day… Day

Coffee or cake… Cake, all types of cake

Jimmy Hendricks or Jimmy Barns… Britney Spears

Fiction or non-fiction… Non-fiction. A story is always better when it’s real

DVDs or Cinema… DVDs, I love snuggling up and watching a DVD on the couch

Bourbon or Champagne… Champagne

Twitter or Instagram… Instagram @tiahayes


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