Pippa McManus MBFWA Guest Post – Hair & Beauty


(Image thanks to I Dig Your Sole Man Blog) Pippa sits pencil in mouth, second from bottom left in the media pit at Vanishing Elephant.

Once again the brilliant WA fashion illustrator Pippa McManus ventured to Sydney and kindly brought Style Voyeur back some exclusive coverage from Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. This time she focused on hair & beauty looks and as the rising talent has many publications seeking her fashion week goodies, I am one lucky girl to share this guest post with you all.

Words and images by Pippa McManus for Style Voyeur

The first is soft and pretty Alice McCall with porcelain skin and baby blue eyelashes and simple pulled back hair. I was able to go backstage because Alice had given me permission when I emailed her the week before to ask. But I got hassled hard-core by PR people ect so I took a few quick snaps where I could and got out of there! This is something that happened every time I was backstage all week and was the only crap part to MBFW. Nicole pollard is amazing, couldn’t resist drawing her (she closed the show too).

Alice-McCall-photo Alice-McCall-illo

The second was super cool Vanishing Elephant, the much hyped show of the week. I ran to the shuttle bus after Watson X Watson and caught it just round the corner to their off-location spot in Technology park, I probably could have walked quicker in hindsite! And Waited in the pit (squished up with pins and needles in my legs for more than half an hour. But the show was gorgeous and the front row was just as good (Pip Edwards looked amazing!). So floppy, soft, perfect blow wave with a smokey (but not overtly) eye and pinky peachy lips.

Vanishing-Elephant-photo Vanishing-Elephant-illo

The third was Watson X Watson with the girl I wanted to be in high school: Surfer Chic. I did go to a coastal school so I was always in surf brands with salty hair and some bathers under my school uniform. But this was polished, confident surfer girl not self conscious, art-nerd trying to be a surfer fifteen year old. Half up half down, sea-salt sprayed hair with eyes the colour of a good tan and hot pastel pink lips. It suited every look that went down that catwalk, great styling!

Watson-X-Watson-photo Watson-X-Watson-illo


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