STM Front Row Feat. Ae’lkemi @Bistro Felix

Designer Alvin Fernandez with his models all wearing Ae'lkemi

As New York Fashion Week commences on the other side of the planet, I share with you Internationally stocked, nationally adored and locally heralded label Ae’lkemi’s show from last night. Designer Alvin Fernandez presented his Spring Summer 13 collection as part of STM Front Row held at Bistro Felix in Subiaco.

I could harp on for days about Alvin Fernandez’s genuis. I could say that I am a huge fan and that one of the first designer pieces I ever bought was a pair of his metallic denim pants and I still adore them today. I could say that he is one of the founding members of our fashion industry and that thanks to the likes of him, WA is increasingly becoming known as a fashion destination of note. I could tell you everything I love about this collection and more but INSTEAD I will let my photographs speak for themselves and if I may say so, by god do they ever!!

A special shout out goes to models Karina, Caris, Grady, Gabrielle and Nicole – all of whom are angels to work with, all of whom I love dearly, care about immensely and are each such special people I would happily step in front of moving traffic to guard their beautiful souls haha. If it wasn’t for the relationships I had with Perth’s gifted models, my life would quite literally suck! Enjoy y’all xx


Nicole Harrison express from the U.S.

I am actually surprised I don't get this look more often. Don't lie Karina, you love it!

These Bistro Felix Events are such a great initiative by STM, keep your eyes peeled for the next one and if you haven't been to one yet, you gotsta

Make-up by Lauren Wood - Most lovely team to work with EVER!

Model off-duty before the show

Nicole's own dress backstage at Ae'lkemi

Grady BEFORE being dressed with phone

Grady AFTER being dressed with phone

CALL MY AGENT - Gaby before the show handling some important business or just talking to her mum

Me literally blogging from a small toilet room backstage. It was nice to have a seat on standby for a change. If anyone told you otherwise, Fashion is PURE GLAMOUR! The lighting of this image is also very complementary lol

Mid-show, 4 seconds to spare, Nicole grabs my camera and turns it around to capture the reality of the situation - me in my very glamorous media centre aka sitting on a toilet haha. I'm not complaining! Having my own exclusive space is a blessing, HONESTLY! Stop it!

Love these bitches more than words can explain

Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Ae’lkemi is located at Times Square in Claremont.

Follow Ae’lkemi on instagram @aelkemi_inc


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