Narcisa Music Editorial Story

Alexander Wang Dress and Tom Binns bracelet from Elle Boutique, Nedlands, Calvin Klein Bra from David Jones, Diamond & Rose Gold ring, Diamond and white gold ring, Tanzanite & Diamond ring and pendant, Aqua Diamond & white gold pendant, Amethyst & Diamons ring, Ruby & Diamond white gold ring and Diamond Sapphire & Ruby white gold earrings all from Rosendorff, City.

Today a portion of my latest shoot was printed in STM Magazine and as the stylist, I am lucky enough to share it with you the story in it’s entirety.

I collaborated with Photographer Penny Land and Make-up Artist, Penny Lane and the beauty of working with these ladies is that we all believe in the importance of context in fashion editorials. This shoot is based on an affluent Italian writer’s self exploration on a weekend getaway to the Mediterranean Sea. During this solitary journey she must decide on the future of her marriage after uncovering some unsavory truths about her husband. She is a little bit older than model Narcisa and the shoot is a classic, yet modern take on high end womenswear. It is one I am very glad to have worked on because it is a lot more conservative than anything else in my book and different to my more ‘out there’ and edgy, POP hued work I usually do in my styling. This is my first time working with Penny Lane. It was such a great experience and I hope you enjoy!

Mawi Gemstone clip earrings from Dilettante, Burberry Sunglasses and Aligator watch, Tanzanite & Diamond necklace and diamond and white gold ring, both from Rosendorf, Fendi shoes from David Jones and camel pants, taupe croc belt, multi knit top from Emporio Armani, Wesley Quarter.

Emporio Armani dress, Chloe heels and scarf (worn on head) both from David Jones, Burberry Brit 'Gartly' belt and purse (on table) both from Burberry and double circle yellow Gold pendant, double link Gold chain bracelet, Ruby & Diamond white Gold ring, Amethyst & Diamond ring, garnet pink Tourmuline Santamaria Amethyst Diamond white gold ring and Diamond Sapphire & Ruby earrings all from Rossendorf.

Marni sunglasses from Dilettante, Burberry London vintage gold sequin jersey crossover dress, Burberry 'Gartly' Brit leather belt, fawn cross-body Mally bag and black patent leather wedges all from Burberry, Wesley Quarter. Diamond & rose gold ring and Citrine, yellow Sapphire & Diamond earrings both from Rosendorff.

A.F Vandervorst Dingo emerald dress from Dilettante, Amethyst, Pearl, Jadeite, Diamond and Gold necklace from Rosendorff, Marni bag from Elle, David Lawrence cuffs from David Jones and Emporio Armani suede navy heels from Emporio Armani.

Emporio Armani rose gold necklace, metallic silver blazer, knit top and suede navy heels from Emporio Armani. Armani trousers from David Jones. Burberry bag and tassle key chain from Burberry, Wesley Quarter. Linda Farrow black snake sunglasses from Dilettante.

Alexander Wang dress from Elle, David Lawrence cuffs and necklace and hat from David Jones, city.

Mawi teardrop black earrings from Dilettante, Carla Zampatti georgette military shirt and David Lawrence cuffs from David Jones, Givenchy belt from Elle and Wheels & Dollbaby Irma La Douce pencil skirt from Wheels & Dollbaby, King Street.

Eavis & Brown dress and Tom Binns bracelet, both from Elle, Mawi teardrop earrings and Ann Demeulemeester black hair feathers from Dilettante. Stylist's own mesh and ring. As per below.

Ann Demeuemeester Feathers

If you would like to know any of the prices above, please comment below and I would be happy to provide them to you.

’til next time,

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