Kimbra Wears Jaime Lee At The Grammy Awards

Kimbra with one of her Grammy Awards. Image from

Kimbra and Gotye just WON all three of the awards they were nominated for, including:

  • RECORD OF THE YEAR – Somebody I Used To Know – Gotye feat. Kimbra
  • BEST POP DUO/ GROUP PERFORMANCE – Somebody I Used To Know – Gotye feat. Kimbra

CONGRATULATIONS to my best friend and business partner, Jaime Lee Major for dressing Kimbra at this year’s Grammy Awards. We now know that 40,000,000 people have seen a Jaime Lee dress on stage. Kimbra’s idol, the one and only Prince handed them the award for RECORD OF THE YEAR!!

BEHIND THE SCENES: Jaime schools Gotye on how to fluff tulle for Kimbra's red carpet appearance wearing Jaime Lee at THE GRAMMY AWARDS!

Gotye is the only Aussie ever apart from Olivia Newton in 1975 to win this Grammy Award. MOMENT IN HISTORY FOR A WA LABEL!!! YOU DID IT BABE!  Check out the behind the scenes pictures below taken exclusively for Style Voyeur by Jaime. There is also a Vogue exclusive you can check out at the bottom of this post.

Now watch our label spiral out of control! You saw it here first 😉 😉

Kimbra in her hotel room before The Grammys getting prepped by Lauren McCowan for Cloud Nine


Fashion Designer Jaime Lee Major (right) with Lauren McCowan (for Cloud Nine) who flew into LA directly from New York Fashion Week to do Kimbra's Hair & Make-up.

Fine details

The INCREDIBLE Miu Miu's worn by Kimbra on the red carpet with her Jaime Lee dress. I die!

Wally and Kimbra before The Grammys

One last pose before getting into the car to leave for The Grammy Awards

Kimbra, Wally and his girlfriend Tash who also wore Jaime Lee posing in the hotel lobby

Kimbra leaving to go win every award they were nominated for!!!

LIVE TO 40,000,000 PEOPLE

Jaime took this photo of Kimbra exclusively for Style Voyeur. Having a Clueless moment shopping for her Miu Mius on Rodeo Drive in LA on Saturday.

Kimbra skyping our PR Matt from Mother + Father HQ just before heading off to the After Party. You can just see Jaime's orange hair on the right. Kimbra wears another piece by the designer, pic taken only moment ago.

Exclusive Vogue Interview with the designer of the hour, including more Behind The Scenes photos taken by Jaime herself, right here on 


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