Garth Cook VRH SS 13/14 Show

The Garth Cook VRH Spring Summer 2013/14 show was unveiled last night at The Terrace Hotel.  The collection is all about metallics, sheer fabrics, intricate spaghetti straps, layering, shirting, fringing, pleating, tailoring, cut-outs, faux alligator skin texture, technology and COLOUR! The collection is SOOOOO my taste, as is always the case with Garth’s designs, I would wear every single piece in the collection but there is really something for everyone. I actually know what the acronym title of the collection stands for but have SWORN not to tell. Wahh!! Maybe one day you will know, but it really sums up what this collection is about. However, so do these pictures.

Well done to Beautiful Events for pulling this show together, they did a remarkable job and I’m sure the press coverage will be epic. The WA designer should be VERY proud of himself after last night’s proceedings. The hair was done by Head Studio, Make-up by Lauren Wood and the gorgeous Models are from Chadwicks. Enjoy!

Garth showing the girls from Vogue his new VRH collection

Hair by Head Studio

Las Vegas stylzzz

The models walking the long way around from backstage to make their way to the runway entrance on Spring Street. Some of the girls decided to save their feet, holding their heels and putting them on at the very last minute before the show

Volunteers had to hold signs to communicate the seating arrangements to guests for at least half an hour before the show. I said to one girl, "Gosh your arms must hurt! Are you okay?" She replied, "I'm just so glad to be involved, I'm happy to be involved in any way. You've got to start somewhere." Ha! What an excellent attitude! I said "You sure do and it's never forgotten." Mad props to those girls! The runway was so long, all 200 guests sat front row. Different coloured lit up trees lined the outdoor catwalk behind The Terrace Hotel.

This shirt is my most wanted wardrobe staple for the next season. I am in love! If only I could wear the shorts too haha

This is the torso of top model, Fabienne Vanderhaeghen who seems to be a regular fixture at WA fashion events of late.

I love the city setting of this shot. Did you get your ticket to Garth's show last night? If not, it doesn't really matter now does it. You saw it here first 😉

Feel free to start your speculations on the collection name in the comment section. Maybe Garth will let me tell you in time haha. I’m probably going to get busted for even writing this.

’til next time,

xx SV xx


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