A Model Diary – Guest Blogger Kim Wainscoat – L.A. Girl

Kim waiting for the bus outside her apartment on Hollywood Blvd

  • Name Kimberley Estelle Wainscoat
  • Occupation… Model/Being a sloth
  • Age 19
  • Hometown… Perth
  • Agency Chadwicks Australia & Two Management LA

Model Polaroid

How long have you been modeling?… Since I was 14 so about 5 years now, though only since I was 18 as a full-time job.

Why did you decide to move to LA?… I never really decided it, I didn’t think of it as a question, I was told that the agency would like me in LA by the 15th of Jan and I didn’t really think about it and booked my flight the next day from pure excitement of the thought of going to America.

How Did your LA Agency find you?… Luc Brinker from Two Management came to Chadwicks in Sydney scouting girls for his new agency and about two weeks later I heard back that they were interested and wanted me in January.

They say that LA is becoming a new frontier for the fashion industry, have you seen any signs of this and if so, what are they?… It seems like a place where a lot of creative people, including designers would come to try and make it big. There are a lot of opportunities for success here, you just need to understand your target market.

Clockwise from top: View from LA on top of Runyon Canyon, thrift store score, the pool at our apartment, picking a scab whilst waiting for the bus on Hollywood Blvd, outside our apartment, street art, me and Simone

Are there many other girls like you who have moved internationally to pursue a modeling career in LA?… Yes, Simone (from Australia’s Next Top Model) just moved here and  also a girl named Anna, both of whom are from Sydney and living in the same apartment as me. I have definitely seen a lot of European models at castings, I’m not too sure where most of them are from because of the unfamiliar accents!

Top 5 favourite things of all time?… In no particular order… 1. Op shopping/going to markets. 2. Beach. 3. Exploring new places. 4. Learning about health and nutrition. 5. Just being at home with family and friends. And 6. (because there was more than 5) I love baking…well anything to do with making desserts.

Do you all have to exercise a lot and eat well to stay in shape?… I’m not naturally in shape. I was somewhat reminiscent of a giant bowling ball throughout my childhood. I’m very passionate about my health because life is really nothing without it. I lived with two personal trainers in Sydney before moving here and also having a supportive family and friends was really a turning point for myself and my diet. I was really just uneducated and used to automatically go for low fat, high sugar, high carb things, cutting out fats and a lot of nutrients, somehow thinking that it was the right thing for me. I would get light headed easily or sluggish and need to have naps everyday. When modelling demanded long days this was no longer maintainable. Eventually, enough was enough and I had to give my body what it needed. My diet now consists of high protein, lots of natural good fats, vegetables and fruit and things like brown rice and gluten free when I can, dark chocolate is my weakness though. I am also pescetarian (vegetarian that eats fish), I feel this works well with my body. I now have excessive amounts of energy and find myself springing out of bed most mornings. I’m lucky to have a gym at the place I’m living, most days I try to do half an hour on the cross trainer and preferably before breakfast. Usually I am too tired from walking crazy distances to castings throughout the day and that’s really my exercise.

The model life: wearing runners to castings because of walking ridiculous distances, then quickly changing into our heels outside the door of the casting when we eventually find the right building.

What is your beauty regime, or some of the tricks of the trade you have learnt from other models/ hair and make-up people?… Every morning and night I use cleanser, toner and then moisturiser. I try to only wear tinted moisturiser when I wear makeup and make sure that it has SPF in it. I don’t smoke and very rarely drink alcohol which I think plays a big part in healthy skin too. One of my favourite and strangest skin tips is from my mum which is using white vinegar on pimples to get rid of them, I find this always works for me every time because it kills bacteria – I would recommend diluting it with water if you have sensitive skin though.

What are some of your favourite beauty products and why?… My favourite would have to be Jurlique, though I am currently using my second fave which is Sukin, both of these products are Australian made and natural.

Who have you got living with you in your model apartment? And where are each of the girls from? Do you get along (honestly)? Honestly…I am really lucky! The two other girls are Simone Holtznagel & Anna Crysell. All coming over from Sydney around the same time, level headed and considerate of each other’s living space. An Aussie accent is very homely to hear when you’re in America! I have heard stories of girls having to share rooms with numerous girls overseas, with people that don’t even speak English. So I’m pretty greatful for the situation that I have been placed in.

Half way up Runyon Canyon, Los Angeles.

What is the best thing about modeling overseas?… Having the opportunity to get out there and see the world whilst making a living, none of this would have been possible if I didn’t work my butt off in Perth retail for $10 an hour to save up enough $$$ in the first place to move to Sydney though. I never know what’s around the corner and am constantly meeting new people and gaining more knowledge on who I am as a person with every journey.

What is the worst thing about modeling overseas?… I guess having to leave family/friends/relationships behind. However with Skype and Facebook these days you can really feel as though you’re not too far. Probably the uncertainty of never knowing what the week ahead holds for you – would be the worst AND best thing. As a model you just have to live in the moment, as cliché as that sounds. You never know if you’re going to be making money that week or the extreme distances you are going to be required to travel via public transport. So in free time I always try to keep busy and not let my thoughts wander and get a hold of me.

What does a regular day involve for you as a model in L.A?… Either castings (meeting with clients that request to see you for potential work) or photo shoots. We usually get emailed every night between 5-6PM to find out what we have on for the following day. Sometimes we get texted during the day with a couple of hours notice to be somewhere, so you always have to be alert and ready to go no matter where you are.

Reformation, Wasteland - the best vintage and American Vintage, a few of my fave LA haunts.

Melrose trading post markets, on every Sunday

This is a vintage place called Jetrag. Every Sunday they do a $1 sale on the clothes outside the shop. Every hour from 9-5 they open a huge amount of bags of clothing and the people just go wild making big piles of clothes, then sorting them through and chucking what they don't want back into the middle for other people to sort through. Majority of it was dirty old oversized grandma clothes. I managed to get a few jumpers but that was all.

How long do you plan to say there?… Minimum of two months to allow time to pick up work, though less than 3 months because I can’t legally be in America longer than 90 days.

What are some of your passions?… One of my main passions is finding op shops and exploring the markets… Which are known as Thrift shops, Goodwill and Flea markets in America. I get a buzz from finding things that I think are treasures, unique and weird items of clothing, jewellery and household things. LOVE ME A BARGAIN!

Clockwise from top: Me in some crazy guys shop that literally made me try on half the shit he had in there, Los Angeles at Sunset, After a hair shoot, trying on more killer vintage finds

Why do you think the fashion industry is on the rise in LA? Do you think it is because of the celebrities, the fashion brands or because of the cool culture it has?  Yes I’d definitely say that the celebrities have a big impact on fashion here because they are so idolised in LA and world wide I guess. More and more well known brands are now using celebrities as their selling point, and its working. There is a very 80/90’s grunge culture/plastic surgery kinda vibe about L.A.. It’s a wonderful place, I’m just not sure if the huge cosmetic impact is something I enjoy. That’s just what comes with my industry all around the world.

Where are your favourite places to go in LA?… I haven’t really been too far yet with only being here just over two weeks, though for beauty I would say Runyon Canyon which is up a steep hill at the top of my street which allows you to see a view of the whole of LA when you’re up there and Venice Beach is really cool. For fashion I would say Melrose Avenue, one way of the street is very vintage orientated with shops like Wasteland, American Vintage and Crossroads Trading Co. just to name 3 of MANY. Then down the other end of the street it is all the high end shops. I tend not to go that way haha.

My new roomie, Simone (from Australia's Next Top Model) just moved here from Sydney

LA sunset, 'Use a condom' billboard, then Hollywood sign - they go quite well together. Hollywood Blvd, the street that has all the celebrities names on stars and where I live.

Too many cute dawgies here it seems like all the guys have chiwawas here and over priced cars

Me and Anna, a girl I live with

Working with Kim on this post has been the most enjoyable experience for me! Her organisation, photography skills and efforts in pulling this all together have been incredible and I am truly beyond impressed and inspired by her work ethic. I could quite easily say she is the most efficient, organised and intelligent collaborator I have had to date – in almost 5 years of Style Voyeur history.

Model Polaroid

Working on this post has resulted in a funny turn of events for me here at Style Voyeur HQ… Well before all of the Jaime Lee and Kimbra Grammys amazingness unfolded – I had been planning this post on highlighting the fact that LA seems to be becoming a new Fashion frontier!! What’s so funny is that in the process of pulling this post together – L.A. has in fact become a fashion frontier for mine and Jaime’s label too!

When I first heard about Kim heading to tinseltown, not to try her luck as an actress but because she had been signed by a agency, to continue modelling – I was a bit shocked. Until recently I didn’t know that was a thing. I then heard Simone Holtznagel was doing the same and thought it was rather strange, what a shift! Not moving to NY to model, but to LA? I know that for a while now, more and more designers have been taking LA seriously as a fashion capital in it’s own right – and not just for it’s denim and beach culture. So while I have been thinking about and looking at L.A. a fair bit and working on an approach to this topic, Jaime Lee has been causing quite the stir in L.A. in the process. And in a purely bizarre turn of events, Simone just so happened to be moving in with Kim when she arrived in L.A.and Jaime, it just so happens (who is friends with Simone), gets the chance to go to L.A. for Kimbra and the two end up attending Grammys After Parties together – even getting papped at the Chateau Marmont. All the while Kim and I are pulling this post together as my best friend and her housemate are hanging out down the road. I find that just lovely! The world is seeming rather small right now!

Along with all of this, I have been working on upcoming posts with New York City based Whitney, have found an exciting new London contact for SV Guest Blogging and have of course been skyping Jaime endlessly within a 16-hours-behind-timezone. So even though I have been in Perth this whole time, I feel like I am living two very exciting lives at the moment! One in Perth in the day time doing my thing online and then another at night, working out all of my exciting SV collaborations and adventures with Jaime Lee. There is hardly enough motivation to go to sleep at night, I tell you!

Follow me on facebook and instagram @stylevoyeur if you’re not already – We all know SV is the ‘insider’ blog, so it’s like getting to see the inside of my inside haha!! xx


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