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Fashion Illustrator, Pippa McManus in her studio @ 140

Not only is Pippa McManus remarkably talented with a huge love and knowledge of fashion, she is a brave, sweet, charming and unashamedly down to earth young woman. In a world where galleries and retailers are closing their doors left, right and centre and the struggle to make ends meet with Perth’s skyrocketing prices is getting the better of us all, Pippa stands tall, not affected by any of it. It is as if her popularity defies all odds in our tough current economic climate, however it is certainly not without reason. Her unique artistic style and incredible talent sets her apart – as time after time she manages to draw in huge crowds, eager to see her work in the flesh while selling out seemingly every exhibition she puts her name to – and in the process still manages to leave fans wanting more! And fans she has many!

Pippa’s thirst for life is palpable and coupled with her obvious talent, it is plain to see why she is one of the WA’s most popular creatives. It is no surprise then that by the time I arrived at ‘With Flowers In Their Hair’, her latest venture all but two paintings had been snapped up. No less than 30 minutes after she opened her studio doors. In the process it literally left me no time whatsoever to even consider the dent in my bank balance that may have come after seeing the painting she so charmingly based on one of my very own Style Voyeur photographs.

Boy what an honour!!! (And don’t worry, it was for the best!).

Number 16. “Style Voyeur” Painting by Pippa McManus. Inspired by one of my very own images taken at Perth Fashion Festival, 2012.

Models L-R: Gemma Bidstrup, Mikaela Cotton, Sarah Langley and Evelyn Leckie.

The Painting in the flesh, below, which was snapped up by model Sarah Langley. By far the highest honour Style Voyeur has received to date!

Gemma and Sarah in paint form and real form.

There were some sexy punters on the night and everyone looked rather ‘street’.

This piece, entitled “Escolando” was chosen by Yen Magazine for the Female Art Award. You can still vote for Pippa here...

Style Voyeur


Curtin Fashion & Textiles Graduate, Samuel McCloy

Pippa's art on the huge glass walls of her studio @ 140. The exhibition was crowded with punters inside.

Pippa has been causing quite a buzz in the local fashion & arts scene for some time now, gaining extensive media coverage nationally – more recently landing a 5 page spread in Skywest’s In Flight Magazine and collaborating with the likes of Sportsgirl, Perth Fashion Festival, Manning Cartell, Mimco and Scout, as well as being nominated for Yen Magazine’s Female Art Award and as Guest Editor of Style Voyeur last year – received no less than 400,000 likes on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week’s facebook page when they featured our post. On top of this, back in September 2012 she won the coveted Mary Katrantzou Illustration Competition which saw her take flight across the globe to London courtesy of the design house to sit front show and draw Katrantzou’s SS13 collection. As a result of that experience, Pippa is compiling, re-illustrating and refining those sketches for a leather-bound book – soon to be released. I know I can’t wait!!

Page 5 & 6 of Pippa's upcoming Mary Katrantzou book

Check out Pippa as Guest Editor for Style Voyeur here… where at the Burberry event in Sydney she so bravely photographed (then turned into Illustrations) the likes of Tim Blanks, Meg Grey, Dion Lee and Candice Lake.

For more of Pippa’s work, visit her blog – Workable Fixative 

like her page on Facebook 

Or follow her on instagram @lepip

As you can tell, I’m a huge fan!


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