HATCH is the brainchild of Perth Fashion Festival in conjunction with Hawaiian, the property group in charge of Carillon City, where HATCH is located in Perth, WA. I was invited to attend the Curtin Arcadia Installation and see four emerging WA Curtin University student designers get the opportunity to exhibit their work in the HATCH shop window for two weeks. While the work of Samuel McCloy, Emily Muco, Hannah Steens and Katherine Young is on display, a people’s choice competition will be held via HATCH social media, giving the winner a chance to be stocked at HATCH boutique in 2013. What a fabulous initiative!

It is so nice to see HATCH still running, at first I thought it would be a pop-up where WA labels were stocked for a short period of time, however it continues to grow and refine itself and the wares on offer are not only of incredible quality, they are chic, well priced and left of centre, while still remaining very wearable and suitable for those of many different age groups.

Seriously, more people need to visit to see how incredible this place really is. If I had a line, I would definitely stock it here. It was interesting also, I brought along my friend who has very good taste but isn’t from the fashion industry per se and I could tell she was so impressed. She of course couldn’t help but but buy something and will definitely be back, as will I. I am sure there are others like her out there, so let’s spread the word! And for those who are still under the misconception that WA labels are daggy and maybe sub-standard or not your thing, just you wait to be proven wrong at HATCH!

Address: Hay Street Level, Shop 55.

Samuel McCloy

Hannah Steens

I did not know they were stocking Empire Rose, one of my favourite WA labels! I also didn’t know that Empire Rose has a line called “Supersoft Cotton.” I am all about dressing for comfort and have recently become obsessed with drop crotch pants… like, obsessed. They are almost impossible to find and so to see them done by Empire Rose was beyond exciting. Now I just need the fashion fairy princess gods to grant me enough disposable income to buy the whole collection. Jaime Lee Major and I have a saying, “You know you work in fashion when you can’t afford fashion.”  lol.

BUY them at HATCH or online but please don’t buy them all 😉


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