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Above & below @ Revolver

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Above & below @ Sea Circus

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@ W

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Unfortunately Word of Mouth isn't good anymore, not sure if they changed owners but the cafe has lost it's appeal and was DEAD when we visited, however I still love their furniture & own line of clothing which is still for sale. These metallic bean bags are sexy!

Change room wallpaper

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Above & below @ Jaime's house. Her own artwork transformed into textiles makes for some rad villa decor

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Jaime Lee Major's kitchen table

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New Mexican restaurant, Laca Laca. Above & below

Laca Laca gives good decor

A huge wall made entirely of hand carved rock @ The Legian

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It says online that The Legian was only built in 1996 but it's hard to believe as the building feels so settled into it's surrounds it could be centuries old. The architecture seems specifically designed for optimum serenity everywhere you look.

Staff meeting in the kitchen

Room service crème brûlée @ The Legian

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The only time we ventured into Kuta (during leavers might I add) was to visit Bali's newest and largest mall, 'Beachwalk'. It is excellent! Featuring flagship boutiques by the likes of Y3, Versus, Versace, Lacoste, Tommy Hilfiger, as well as TopShop, GAP & Miss Selfridge. It also has the biggest O.P.I Nail salon I have ever seen and the foliage growing literally on the buildings throughout the mall was breathtaking.

Even though I have posted a few pics of Potato Head's shutter walls, ceilings & hallways in the past and tonnes of people have been to this venue themselves, I'm sure - the creativity of this design concept constantly baffles and excites me. Where the hell did they find them all? The entire HUGE venue is made out of them. It must have taken decades to source them all.

My friend Liz who was a TOTAL Bali skeptic (as was I when I first visited) was completely converted by the time I took her to a few places on the first day. If I was studying Interior Design or Architecture - or even working in the field - this is where I would visit for inspiration. Innovative style is an understatement. Not a bad tax deduction if you ask me!


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