THIS IS NOT RESORT – by Garth Cook

Gabrielle Sullivan, Kaylie Bodeker and Caris Tivel working it SV style.

Garth making final adjustments as the models line-up

The cutest little socks but duly note the no sock with open-toed shoes. Ankle accessories.

These trousers are in fact resort haha. I want!

Miranda Kerr eat your heart out!

Stacey Monaghan

She’s not even technically pouting but Tayah Lee gives good pout, s’all I’m saying.

Rosie Sprenkels

Being half Aboriginal and half Norwegian certainly paid off for Hannah Collard. What an incredible looking girl!

Well done Garth!

Garth Cook will be opening a store at 140 very soon. Watch this space for updates.

Sex, Love and Rock ‘n’ Roll!



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