PICA Salon Vernissage

Last night I attended PICA’s Salon Vernissage, a silent auction featuring a curated selection of local, national and international contemporary artists.

PICA Salon celebrates the history of Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts by showcasing artworks for sale by those who have exhibited at PICA over the last 23 years. The guests each paid $1000 to attend the event, making them PICA donors and helping to continue the fine work of the gallery. Funds from the sale of the artworks go directly back to the artists and so the pieces on display were actually very generously priced. It was a fabulous night, with un-surprisingly chic guests, and again un-surprisingly, the best selection of cocktails and canapes I have seen at an event in a long time. I also got to discover the remarkable upstairs section of the PICA gallery that, until yesterday, I didn’t know existed.

The works are able to be seen – and purchased if there are any still available – by the public from today onwards. Definitely worth the visit!

PICA gallery upstairs

The PICA staff were all dressed by Dilettante as owner Diana Paolucci supports the gallery. The staff looked incredible and there was a lot of Gareth Pugh floating around, including on this member who is wearing the infamous inflatable dress.

If you needed to take the time to decide on your purchase.

For those of you who are regular SV followers, I’m sure that by now you would realise I pretty much set-up almost all of my photographs. Recently I have taken a liking to not asking people and getting detail shots but there is a risk associated with that, as quite often the person realises and may come over and tell you off. Luckily most people are too self conscious to call you out on it for fear of looking too conceited incase you aren’t actually aiming at them, but more often than not, it is worth getting the person involved. Whether it is moving a punter to a good backdrop for a photograph, which I do 99% of the time, or being incredibly bossy with the models backstage at shows, I just know what I want as soon as the elements combine and so sometimes it is funny to take it to that next level. This is a pretty good example of that, demonstrated with Lauren and Grant from Public Relations firm, Muse Bureau. I love the shot we ended up getting, it’s hilarious but still looks rather cool. Very Men Mr and Mrs Smith or something haha. Congrats to Muse Bureau and everyone involved for hosting a very successful event, for a very worthy cause. Support the arts or bust.

’til next time,

xxx SV xxx


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