Gabrielle Sullivan by Jamie Nelson

I have been obsessed with New York based photographer Jamie Nelson for as long as I can remember! Back in the days of Myspace, I used to spy her every move and along with Perth’s own photographer, Justin Smith and Brisbane’s Thom Kerr, she was one of the very first people in this industry who made me actually realise I was obsessed with beautiful imagery and could do nothing other than dedicate my life to being a part of it. Her work is soooo colourful, edgy, innovative and ‘pop’ and everything she does is incredible. So when I saw that, regularly featured Style Voyeur model – Gabrielle Sullivan of Chadwick Models had shot with Jamie Nelson in New York recently, I almost fell over.

Well done Gabby! What a coup. This is serious hot town. Go Perth models, once again!

The remarkable team includes..

Photographer: Jamie Nelson

Stylist: Lisa Jarvis

Hair: Kuni Kohzaki

Make Up: Tadayoshi Honda

To see more of Jamie Nelson’s work, click HERE or find her on Facebook, here.

xxx SV xxx


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