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So this has got to be one of my more community spirited posts for sure and it is not fashion related per se but still in a way, fabulous. The Subi Farmers Market is fantastic. It is open from 8-12:30pm on Saturday mornings at Subiaco Primary School and for those of you living in the Perth metro area, it is really worth the trip and early wake-up call. You can click on the above link to read more about it on their website or like them on Facebook.

Let me clear something up first though, I am NOT a morning person. I come alive at night and typically the thought of some of the joys early risers must experience when they salute the sun at dawn, is rather sickening to me. Ordinarily these lovely early morning domestic encounters are not in my nature to care for, however I have gluten intolerance and so in order to get the gluten-free bread that I love, on a Saturday morning I must rise at the crack of dawn (around 8am) and head to Subi primary school. I have become obsessed with the market, even taking it easy on Friday nights to be in fine form and ensure my attendance with fellow market loving friend, Rebekah Clark. It is also good to get there early as all the best stuff goes quickly.

Once you arrive it is pretty darn hard to not relish in the simple wonders and enjoy everyone’s joie de vie!

There are so many babies and doggies everywhere, it’s ridiculous. I love how this lady’s jacket matches her dog. I’m sure she wouldn’t even realise. Even if you don’t love organic (who doesn’t?), you can get some serious designer doggy & daywear mileage out of the trip, the amount of women you see dressed head-to-toe in designer wares before breakfast is uncanny.

This lady had absolutely no idea what-so-ever as to why I would want her photograph, she was entirely baffled by it haha but I loved her sportswear. It was actually like a long-sleeved dress for exercising, rather chic.

The stunning Moroccan boy who has a new warm breakfast stall called Shuk Shuka and is there every week 😉 haha.

A gluten-free hot dog, ie. a sausage in a bowl. Delicious!

I actually took this photo in summer time but thought it needed to be included as it is very iconic of the market.. Everyone has these trolleys complete with dog and fabulous outfit. I like the print on this dress, it is a bit Marni, especially with the sandals. I once saw a lady wearing head-to-toe Burberry complete with matching trolly and you often see versions by Gucci and LV too. We are not talking fakes either, the pearls, full faces of make-up and professional blow-waves before breakfast say it all. It is quite funny how into it everyone gets and I must say, I am definitely a convert. Who needs sleep.

Pop of colour outside the market entrance as we leave.

Hope you had a nice weekend!

xxx SV xxx


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