Fenella Peacock ‘Poetica’ Collection AW12

Gluten City.

The event was held at a massive warehouse style building on Pakenham Street in Fremantle, the Friday before last. Although Fenella does of course have her own boutique, named Nells in Mosman Park – the event location was perfect for the runway and numbers in attendance on the night. As you can see above, evident in the photo of this lovely girl being snapped by a photographer for The West Australian newspaper, there were ladders and pipes and garage style shelving all over the place. It was as though tradespeople moved out for us to come in and celebrate the new Fenella Peacock Autumn/ Winter collection, entitled ‘Poetica’. Instead of this being a totally odd or out of place touch, for some reason the ‘decor’ added a seriously cool vibe to the room and actually, an almost rustic elegance to the event. I am not even sure if it was deliberately on show, in fact I doubt it, however everything else was considered for this event.

The Veuvre was flowing, the canapes being handed around by the attentive wait staff were delightful and on top of everything else that should be provided at a supurb presentation, there was an incredibly luxurious table spread of all sorts of edible treats, decadent enough for a medievil King to feast upon. It felt as though we were all invited as friends, family and loved ones to enjoy this wonderful, ambient party and celebrate together for the sake of fashion in the best possible way.

For those of you who have been living under a rock, Fenella is one half of the design duo behind renowned London based label ANT!PODiUM established in 2003. She started her own label at the age of only 17 which was named Empire Line and her successful fashion history is applauded and recognised by everyone who matters in fashion. The self-titled label has been around for a few years now and offers clients the very best fabrics and designs that have a totally individual flair of luxury, style and fashion vigour for the wearer.

A very poetic evening indeed!

Fenella’s daughter rocks this gorgeous medieval cross necklace and dress from the new collection. The new Autumn/ Winter Fenella Peacock collection titled, ‘Poetica’ is available from her Mosman Park boutique and cafe, Nells. You must check Nells out if you haven’t already and live in Perth, it is a decadent yet rustic little hub on Glyde Street, that exudes Fenella’s lush taste and style. The self-titled label also suits all sizes and ages from young children to old ladies. Incredible!

Models being briefed before the show by renowned WA show director Aly May. This photo is rather odd, making me seem like a real voyeur but I love it.

Models line up before the show. What a brilliant idea having an older model in the show. She was absolutely stunning! She is actually an ever better looking Jane Schmitt a la the Lanvin for H&M ad campaign and had the elegance of the late Nan Kempner.

Jesus, Mary and Joseph…cool look!

Tayah from the Australia’s Next Top Model series rocks a serious baby face. This pic is a bit out of focus but I love it!

Make-up Director – Rebekah Clark.

Show producer – Aly May

Show caller/co-ordinator – Isobel Macaulay of label pinchandspoon who also featured some accessories in the show.

Head-pieces by – Lucy Carter of Banks & Bell

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