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For about ten years now I been complimented on my hair styles regularly and for about ten years now I have been going to Be Ba Beau Hair & Beauty. Go figure! Whenever I get these most appreciated compliments, I am more than delighted to rave about Be Ba Beau! Husband and wife team, Sue and Ray Morgan are the dynamic duo behind the internationally recognised Highgate Hair & Beauty salon and for the past 33 years have successfully managed Be Ba Beau.

Acknowledged within the industry as creative innovators, they invite you to submit an expression of interest to be involved in an exciting business opportunity TO BE A PART OF THEIR CREATIVE COMMUNITY.

For all the fellow hair stylists out there, this concerns you in more ways than one !! 

It is a smart way to run your own business and the artistic community enriches the creative potential for those involved in all facets of hair and beauty. It is called RENT A CHAIR. If you are a senior stylist and can no longer handle the pressures of this current economic climate and owning your own salon has become a tiring pit of isolation marred with unwanted responsibilities, then LISTEN UP… !

RENT A CHAIR @ Be Be Beau.

Fire up your imagination, reignite your passion for your craft and let your entrepreneurial spirit loose!

The benefits of RENT A CHAIR are endless.

– More freedom, be your own boss, own your hours while making money – lots more and enjoy more opportunities.

Experienced hairdressers and beauty professionals with clientele wanting a better life…

– No constraints, realise your potential and take control of your life.

Join a creative artistic community with great people who are success oriented in a great working environment.


Renting a chair is both simple and straightforward in comparison to the heavily regulated traditional salon model. Operators supply their own ‘tools of trade’, are free to charge whatever fee they wish, work their own hours and come and go at their own discretion. They retain all revenue generated, less, of course, the rent on the chairs. Put simply, it’s heaven to anyone who’s worked within the traditional model for years and built up a loyal clientele, meanwhile receiving little in the way of financial or lifestyle rewards for their efforts.

The success of the Rent-a-Chair concept is determined by the ability of stylists. Over the years, good stylists attract loyal clients: it’s that simple.

Enjoy the benefits of being a successful Solo Salon Operator by Renting a Chair within the Be Ba Beau Hair & Beauty community. Be Ba Beau is located at the exquisite 455 Beaufort Street in Highgate. As this is my hair salon of choice, I can vouch that every time I go there I feel as though I am escaping to a luxury hotel for the day. The ceilings are high, the surrounds are to die for and to be a part of the Be Ba Beau working environment, everything you could ever want is at your fingertips. Located across the road from The Merchant Cafe, you will not only get the great lifestyle that comes from working on the doorstep of Perth’s coolest cappuccino strip, the creative atmosphere and strong reputation that Sue and Ray rest the foundations of Be Ba Beau on after their 30 year + strong careers IS AVAILABLE TO YOU.

Over the past 33 years in the hairdressing industry Sue Morgan has managed 160 staff, trained 50 apprentices and educated 2,000 Australian and International students per year. She has headed the Matrix Australia team at seminars, hair expos and design shows nation-wide and has collaborated on shoots with the like of Linda Jeffreys, Tony Harrison and Peter Flanagan. Currently the head Art Director of StyleAid, Sue Morgan is a force to be reckoned with in the hairdressing industry

Now I said this opportunity was being presented in more ways than one, well the other chance to be involved with Be Ba Beau is this…

If you are an experienced hair stylist and are interested in working on catwalk hair with Art Director of Happy Birthday StyleAid, Sue Morgan, for the 15th year celebration in 2012, then here is your chance! Sue is looking for 30 catwalk hair stylists to join her in styling 105 models for the runway at this year’s StyleAid.

If you are interested in RENT A CHAIR or being involve with StyleAid as part of Sue’s catwalk team…

To find out more, visit or contact Be Ba Beau today.

455 Beaufort Street, Highgate.

Tel: (08) 9328 2888


STYLEAID 2012 Campaign Shoot Credits:

Art Direction + Styling – Aly May

Photographer – Richard Jefferson

Assisted by Colleen Sutherland

Makeup – Hendra for M.A.C.

Hair – Sue Morgan @ Be Ba Beau

Assisted by Tanya Greer, the Board of Management of the Western Australian AIDS Council and the STYLEAID committee present Happy Birthday STYLEAID at the Burswood Entertainment Complex on Friday 27th of July 2012. Tickets on sale at the end of May.


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