I have partnered up with STM Magazine and PerthNow to cover the new Perth Fashion Week from 18th – 23rd April and report from the frontline.

For the first ever PFW, Style Voyeur will be there to deliver daily fashion coverage from backstage and front row via PerthNow and SV. Stay tuned for regular exclusive Style Voyeur action right here starting Wednesday and to see all the happenings from SV on – you can click on the STM ad to the top right hand corner of the Style Voyeur homepage. Pretty easy huh?

I must say I am rather chuffed to be on the same page as a Gareth Pugh look and we’re both wearing monochrome stripes!

For the photo taken at STM studio to announce this partnership I wore a dress by Jaime Lee for Fairground, Jacket from Alanna Hill, necklace, bracelets and ring from Diva, grey Prada tights and shoes from Wittner. The dress is a sample that isn’t going in to production (damnit I know!- but there are other pieces with a similar look coming out soon, obviously the fabric is a nod to Missoni – thanks Jaime!). The shoes I have had for years and years and bought and used for many shoots and never had the nerve nor inclination to even try on until this photo.

The necklace is one of my favourites and every time I wear it people say it looks so different, which it is. I actually love Diva and am not afraid to say it. It’s so easy to buy heaps of pieces from there and not think about it as they are so well priced, so I used to go all the time for sourcing. I started finding in back corners and in the less obvious sections, some real diamonds in the rough (pun intended, not literally but almost haha). If you go often enough and really look hard to find cool pieces – I think the more adventurous designs come in smaller production runs as some of the things I have found, I have never seen on anyone else – this being one of them. That way you can still be individual in this mass-produced, high street world we find ourselves in. It caught my eye first around the time of the Louis Vuitton Spring 2009 show and I love its sort of 60’s/African vibe. It has done me proud for many years now.

Photo by Richard Hatherly for STM Magazine.

Rock ‘n’ Roll.



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